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Formal futhark

The Futhark script

Futhark was a form of writing based on ovals and circles. Used on the planet of Naboo as its formal alphabet, the symbols were mainly used on spacecraft, such as the N-1 starfighter, and controls to distinguish different features.

Futhark was the formal written version of the Naboo language, and was derived from the Royal Script of Grizmallt. The system was used in a regal fashion on Naboo, but common folk largely found it hard to decipher, as its characters all had similar shapes. Futhork was the informal writing.[1]

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Behind the scenesEdit

The name "Futhark" is derived from the first six letters of the Nordic variant runic alphabetF, U, Þ (a letter representing the dental fricative th), A, R, and K—used in Scandinavia before the Latin alphabet was introduced there.

In Knights of the Fallen Empire, actual Nordic futhark runes are embroidered on the robes of Emperor Arcann and Vaylin.



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