Fynn Torve was a member of Talon Karrde's smuggling organization.


A Corellian associate of Han Solo and Lando Calrissian from their smuggling days, Fynn Torve had gotten caught up with Jabba the Hutt like Solo, but bought his way out thanks to a loan from Talon Karrde. Torve went on to become a loyal employee of Karrde's as pilot of Etherway. Torve was Han and Lando's contact they were to meet on Abregado-rae while searching for Karrde. Torve had been lying low playing a game of sabacc when Han joined the game to inform him that the Etherway had been confiscated and searched by Abregado-rae's security force. Torve had his contact, an unknown reverend he was smuggling food for to start a diversion ensuring his escape from the LoBue Cantina.



Torve guards the Wild Karrde.


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