"Half the fee is yours if you help me bring in this target. And it's a big one."
―Zam Wesell to Jango Fett regarding capturing Sinvatt Bovic on Fytoun[1]

Fytoun was an astronomical object that was home to the collector Sinvatt Bovic. By 22 BBY, the bounty hunters Zam Wesell and Jango Fett traveled to Fytoun to capture Bovic on account of the debt he owed the InterGalactic Banking Clan, getting past his guards to detain him and split the bounty.


Fytoun was a terrestrial astronomical object that had at least one moon. The rich collector Sinvatt Bovic lived on the celestial body in his residence, which was located near foliage as well as a valley that was lit by moonlight during the night.[1]


"I can take him here."
―Zam Wesell prepares to leave Fytoun with Sinvatt Bovic[1]

Zam Wesell (pictured) traveled to Fytoun to capture Sinvatt Bovic.

By 22 BBY,[2] Bovic was in heavy debt to the InterGalactic Banking Clan, who sent the bounty hunter Zam Wesell to capture him alive. Wesell traveled to Fytoun and spent a day scouting Bovic's house, which she learned had too many guards for her to handle—security droids, humans, and three Mabari warriors. Recognizing her disadvantage, she called in a favor from fellow bounty hunter Jango Fett, offering to split Bovic's bounty. Fett landed his starship, Slave I, in the valley and accompanied Wesell to take down the non-Mabari guards and detonate an outer wall to get inside.[1]

The explosion alerted the Mabari, who gave the bounty hunters trouble: it was only after Wesell used her Clawdite morphing abilities that she and Fett were able to defeat the warriors and move toward Bovic's study. They found an individual who bore Bovic's appearance, but after Fett knocked out the third Mabari guard, the Bovic lookalike turned out to be another Clawdite who had been assuming the collector's appearance. Fett killed the imposter but not before the changeling hit him with a bluebarb wasp poison dart that nearly killed the hunter until Wesell located an antivenin. With their opposition gone, the pair moved forward, blasting another wall to get to a hangar where the real Bovic was trying to escape. Wesell sniped the collector's speeder and stunned him, allowing her to easily detain Bovic and for her and Fett to leave Fytoun with their bounty.[1]


The human Sinvatt Bovic lived on Fytoun along with his human guards and Mabari warriors.[1]

Behind the scenes[]

Fytoun was created for "Galactic Tales: The Wesell Run," the first installment of the Galactic Tales series of short stories. The story was written by S.T. Bende and was published in Star Wars Insider's 209th issue[1] on March 15, 2022.[3]


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