"I'm old enough to remember that when terrorist activity starts, you need to move fast before it spreads and networks get established."
―G'vli G'Sil[1]

G'vli G'Sil was a male Human politician during the Second Galactic Civil War. A senator in the Galactic Alliance Senate, G'Sil was appointed the head of the Galactic Alliance's Security Council. In 40 ABY, as tensions rose between the Alliance and the planet of Corellia, terrorist attacks struck G'Sil's homeworld, the Galactic Alliance capital of Coruscant. Following the attacks, G'Sil worked with Chief of State Cal Omas to formulate an idea for a branch of the Alliance military to focus on domestic security. The proposed military outfit would eventually become the Galactic Alliance Guard. Later in the year, Omas was removed from office by GAG leader Jacen Solo and Galactic Alliance Defense Force Admiral Cha Niathal. Despite Niathal's request for G'Sil to run for the office once elections resumed, G'Sil refused, due to fear that he would be overthrown as well. Shocked and surprised by the change of power, G'Sil returned to working in the Security Council, at one point getting involved in a dispute between the Alliance member world Murkhana and the Verpine species.


Forming the Guard[]

"Do we take that as a yes?"
―G'vli G'Sil asking Jacen Solo to take control of the Galactic Alliance Guard[1]

Jacen Solo, who would take control of the Galactic Alliance Guard

Born on the Galactic Alliance capital of Coruscant, G'Sil entered into a career in politics, rising to become a senator in the Galactic Alliance Senate. By the year 40 ABY, he had been appointed to the position of Chairman of the Alliance's Security Council.[1]

In 40 ABY, terrorist attacks hit Coruscant, as a result of escalating tensions between the planet Corellia and the Galactic Alliance. After these attacks, G'Sil believed that the Alliance had lost sight of issues relating to domestic problems, and worked together with Galactic Alliance Chief of State Cal Omas on a new idea: a section of the Galactic Alliance Defense Force that would focus on domestic issues, such as terrorism. Afterward, G'Sil was present at a meeting in the Security Council conference room in the Senate Building along with Omas, Jedi Masters Luke and Mara Jade Skywalker, and Jedi Knight Jacen Solo. It was here where G'Sil and Omas, who wanted Mara Jade Skywalker to lead the new branch, outlined their idea to the Jedi, who met it with some resistance. While the security branch was not originally accepted by the Jedi, G'Sil and Omas were eventually able to convince Jacen Solo to take over the outfit, which would become the Galactic Alliance Guard.[1]

The Guard immediately began counter-terrorism work in the Corellian Quarter of Coruscant, gathering and detaining Corellians suspected of terrorism. The Guard's work caused mass outrage among the Corellian inhabitants of Coruscant, who saw it as an abuse of their rights. G'Sil attended a Senate meeting where Corellian Senator Charr informed the Alliance that he was withdrawing the Corellian ambassador from Coruscant. Afterward, G'Sil met with Omas, Solo, and Galactic Alliance Defense Force Admiral Cha Niathal in Omas' office. Omas and G'Sil were angry at Solo and Niathal for the escalation in tensions on Coruscant due to the treatment of Corellian prisoners, but retreated after an argument.[1]

Political changes[]

"G'vli, will you run for the Chief of State's office in due course?"
"Will there be a Chief of State?"
"I fully intend to return to elections and civil rule once the war is over."
"Then no, I won't. I'm fine not being where Omas was. If a thing can happen once, it can happen twice."
―Cha Niathal and G'vli G'Sil[2]

Later that year, Jacen Solo and Cha Niathal made a power grab, seizing the Chief of State position from Cal Omas, who was subsequently placed under house arrest. After the coup had taken place, Niathal, now part of a duumvirate, visited G'Sil in his office at the Senate Building, just as she was going to give a speech on the matter. G'Sil was shocked to hear that Omas had been relieved of his duties,[3] and also of the fact that Corellian leader Dur Gejjen had been assassinated by GAG forces. Niathal promised G'Sil that normal elections would resume once hostilities with Corellia ended, and asked him to run for the Chief of State's office, as Niathal and Solo surmised that he had designs on the Chief of State position. However, G'Sil declined, due to fear that he would be ousted as well. After Niathal and G'Sil's conversation, Niathal announced the change of power to the Senate, with G'Sil adding a word about how, due to growing chaos in Coruscant, the Galactic Alliance needed to deploy their own troops on Coruscant to quell the anarchy.[2]

Symbol of the Verpine engineers, who formed a potentially dangerous alliance with the Mandalorians

Some time after the administration change, G'Sil met with Solo, Niathal, and the senator for the Outer Rim planet of Murkhana, Nav Ekhat. Ekhat was concerned with the Verpine, an insectoid species who were prominent weapons and starship manufacturers, crying foul at what they perceived as unfair competition from Murkhana. The Verpine formed an alliance with the Mandalorian warrior clan, allowing the Mandalorians access the Verpine technology. That meant if the Mandalorians sided with and fought alongside Corellia in the conflict, their ability to access the Verpine technology could potentially be dangerous to the Alliance. Ultimately, Jacen Solo trusted the handling of the Mandalorian situation to Niathal.[2] Later in the war, G'Sil was on bad terms with Niathal, even refusing to acknowledge the Mon Calamari's presence in the government. In the year 41 ABY, as the war raged on, G'Sil messaged Chief of State Solo, hoping for a meeting regarding security matters. Due to so many systems seceding from the Galactic Alliance, the Senators that remained tended to keep together in committees. Despite the loss of Senators, G'Sil's Security Council still sat, quarterly. However, Solo told G'Sil that he wasn't available that particular day, and would reschedule the meeting to a later date. Despite G'Sil's protests that they must meet due to a legal requirement, Solo refused, saying that he would merely change the law requiring a meeting.[4]

After the coup, neither Niathal nor Solo would be in office for long. As the war raged on between Corellia and the Alliance, Solo turned to the dark side of the Force, becoming the Sith Lord Darth Caedus. He greatly increased his power to the point of almost being a dictator, and became the sole Chief of State after Niathal was relieved of power at the Second Battle of Fondor in 41 ABY. Caedus' increasing power caused a split between the Alliance and the Jedi; parts of the Alliance fleet sided with the Jedi, and Caedus was eventually killed by his Jedi twin sister Jaina, crippling the Galactic Alliance faction that had supported Solo. The Galactic Alliance, free from Caedus' influence, would force Corellia's surrender under the new Chief of State Natasi Daala. After the war was over, G'Sil's brainchild, the Galactic Alliance Guard, was dissolved.[3]

Personality and traits[]

"If G'Sil wants Omas' job, he hasn't shown it."
―Jacen Solo[1]

As the head of the Galactic Alliance Security Council, G'Sil was concerned with the well-being of the Galactic Alliance citizens, especially on his homeworld of Coruscant. When terrorist attacks struck the planet in 40 ABY, G'Sil was outspoken in his support of more focus on domestic security, leading him to help form the Galactic Alliance Guard. However, once the actions of the Guard led the unrest amongst Corellians on Coruscant to spiral even further into anarchy, G'Sil was quick to confront Jacen Solo and Cha Niathal, the leaders of the Galactic Alliance Guard.[1]

Among some of the politicians and military men in the Alliance, namely Solo and Niathal, G'Sil was seen as ambitious, and was thought to have designs on Omas' position as Chief of State. However, after Omas was ousted as the Chief of State by Solo and Niathal, G'Sil refused to run for the position due to fear that he was be overthrown as well.[2] When Niathal informed G'Sil of Omas' removal from office, G'Sil was surprised and shocked, as he had worked alongside with Omas previously, and considered Omas a friend and an ally.[3]

Behind the scenes[]

G'Sil first appeared in author Karen Traviss' novel Legacy of the Force: Bloodlines, the second book in the nine-part Star Wars: Legacy of the Force series. He later appeared in Traviss' novel Legacy of the Force: Sacrifice, also in the Legacy of the Force series. Although these are his only appearances in Star Wars canon, the character was also mentioned in Traviss' novel Legacy of the Force: Revelation and received an entry in The Complete Star Wars Encyclopedia.



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