"There's nothing like lighting up Espos with their own grenades."

The Merr-Sonn G-20 Glop grenade was a personal explosive that used high-pressure jets to spray an extremely strong adhesive foam over a ten-meter area, trapping anyone within the area at detonation.

Glop grenade egwt

Glop grenade schematics.

This grenade could be set to explode upon contact, or by means of a timer with up to a fifteen second delay. The grenade was reusable, and was used to harmlessly subdue targets, such as crowds.

The Corporate Sector Authority extensively used the Glop grenade. Glop became brittle after five minutes, and could be dissolved more quickly with a specialized aerosol spray.

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Merr-Sonn Munitions, Inc.'s G-20 Glop grenade was a reusable, non-lethal antipersonnel grenade used to suppress rioters and capture fleeing fugitives alive. A glop grenade could be compared to a thermal detonator in its size, material and shape; however, unlike the detonator, it had several spray nozzles across it's the body. Each glop grenade had a timer that could be set to either detonate on contact or after a delay of up to fifteen seconds. When using the glop, the user would set the detonation time and throw it at their target.[1]

The sphere hosts a refillable reservoir filled with glop: a semi-liquid foam that instantaneously hardens upon contact with oxygen. The glop can be refilled via specially pressurized hypoinjectors from a sealed container to prevent exposing it to the atmosphere. When deployed, the grenade's contents spray out from the nozzles across a broad area, quickly hardening and trapping everything caught in its range with a thick, nearly unbreakable substance comparable to ferrocrete. After only five minutes, the glop breaks down and becomes brittle, making it easy to shatter.[1]

Despite being classified as a non-lethal device, glop could accidentally suffocate or, in extremely rare situations, cause an allergic reaction against a target. These factors resulted in the occasional death of one caught in the glop's grip. Usual purchases of a glop grenade included a hypoinjector and five glop canisters made to refill the grenade. If one wanted to purchase another glop canister, it would cost 100 credits per container.[1]



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