"You get a G-2RD droid going, and you'll have to take its head off to stop it."
―Han Solo[src]

The G-2RD Series Guard Droid was a small, fourth-degree defense droid[5] built by Arakyd Industries. The spherical, flat, black security droid had three evenly-spaced arms, sensor antennae studding its bottom, and multiple photoreceptors surrounding its surface. The G-2RD could manipulate locks and speak, read, and write Basic.[6]




G-2RD droids were designed by Arakyd to be tenacious and uncompromising, providing security while preventing rioting. While Arakyd thought this was a plus, many other droids and individuals found them to be annoying and hard to work with. Initially, Arakyd sold the G-2RD series to prison facilities throughout the galaxy. Sometime after Palpatine declared himself Emperor in 19 BBY, the Galactic Empire purchased large numbers of the security droids.[6]

By the end of production, Arakyd had produced millions of the droids, who worked in places from the armies of petty criminals to New Republic detention blocks.[6]


While the G-2RD guard droids were specifically designed to be immune to restraining bolts, Han Solo and Chewbacca, were able to jury-rig a bolt to disable one. In turn, the droid's memory was erased.[7] In addition, the droid was equipped with a stun baton, an ion blaster, and a stun grenade launcher. The droid's weaponry was designed to stop rioters and/or escapees without killing them, and its thick armor prevented simple deactivation. It had a loud alarm system, which could call help from distant areas.



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