This article is about a droid owned by Xalto Sneerzick's parents. You may be looking for droid that cared for Pax Maripher.

G-3PO was a protocol droid was owned by Xalto Sneerzick's parents.


When Sneerzick's mother passed away, his father reprogrammed G-3PO to care for little Xalto. Xalto became close to G-3PO and re-named him Uncle Gee. When Xalto's father founded the Droid Abolitionist Movement, G-3PO remained loyal to his obsessed master, risking his own life. G-3PO was the very first droid infected with the emancipation virus created by Babalabbet Swoont and Sneerzick. With all of Sneerzick's other devotees, G-3PO was onboard the Argent Lady when its cargo hold of R5 units reacted to their strain of the emancipation virus and attacked the abolitionists. G-3PO was destroyed by a blaster during the firefight onboard.

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