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G-LN was a DUM-series pit droid owned by Flix and Orka. G-LN assisted them in the Office of Acquisitions by helping them retrieve items or assist customers.[1]

Biography[edit | edit source]

During the New Republic era, G-LN worked for the businessmen Gozzo Flix and Chadra-Fan Orka, who owned a repair and starship parts shop on the Colossus called the "Office of Acquisitions." The Colossus was based on the ocean world of Castilon.[2]

Enter Kaz[edit | edit source]

Orka and G-LN

When undercover Resistance spy Kazuda Xiono and Resistance pilot Neeku Vozo went to obtain parts for the Fireball, Neeku showed G-LN the acquisition order and the droid went to bring his masters to deal with these customers.[2] Later, G-LN was present when Kaz revisited the Office of Acquisitions to obtain a CX-19 compressor for the Fireball.[3]

Misadventures[edit | edit source]

G-LN was later present when Flix and Orka opened a box of thermal detonators that they had obtained from the undercover pirate and salvager Synara San. The two managed to prevent the thermal detonators from causing further damage by tossing it into the sea.[4]

Later, Flix and Orka brought G-LN along to Aunt Z's Tavern. Orka tried to cheer G-LN up by serving him Blurrgfire. However, this caused G-LN to go hyperactive and he went on a rampage in the tavern, earning the ire of two service droids including Glitch and the Klatooinian merchant Bolza Grool. The three ganged up on G-LN and roughed up the droid. This incident led Orka to surmise that blurrgfire was unsuitable for the pit droid.[5]

Serving his masters[edit | edit source]

G-LN was present when Jarek Yeager's grumpy astromech droid Bucket entered the store seeking a new hard hat to replace his missing one. Flix and Orka gave him one with a mechanical fan on it.[6] Later, G-LN carried Flix and Orka's luggage when the two businessmen departed on a day trip to visit Flix's mother, leaving the shop in the care of Kaz and his minder BB-8.[7]

During the First Order's occupation of the Colossus, Kaz and Torra Doza found G-LN hiding with his masters and their pet gorg Bitey hiding in a crate. Flix and Orka had hope to escape offworld by being smuggled to Flix's mother on Talivar. However, they had to abandon their plans when Kaz revealed that the station was underwater.[8]

Characteristics[edit | edit source]

G-LN was programmed to serve his masters Flix and Orka. He spoke Binary. He had an amicable relationship with them. One one occasion, Orka rewarded him by serving him Blurrgfire, which caused him to go on a rampage and pick a fight with other patrons.[5]

Behind the scenes[edit | edit source]

G-LN first appeared as a supporting character in the first season of Star Wars Resistance, which ran between October 2018 and March 2019.

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