The G1-M4-C Dunelizard, also known as the Medium Hutt Fighter, was a starfighter of medium weight developed by the Hutts and produced by MandalMotors. It saw use during the Galactic Civil War. The style 2 also saw some limited use among Naboo's RSF forces, alongside Kimogila, KSE Firespray class and Z-95 fighters. The Dunelizard's namesake was the dune lizard creature.


A pair of Dunelizard fighters

The Dunelizard fighter was based upon the M3-A Scyk fighter, retaining that vessel's wedge-shaped wings, though the later model included a number of advanced features.

The Dunelizard added heavier payload and shields, but retained the swiftness and maneuverability that made the Scyk popular with Hutts and other criminal organizations including space pirates such as Erkon the Vile.

It was very easy to repair and modify. The weapons load could be changed from the standard linked laser cannons to ion cannons, concussion missile launcher, or proton torpedo launcher. It had a magazine capacity of 6 missiles/torpedoes when equipped with a launcher.

There were two known styles of Dunelizard fighter; a bulkier, elongated version with a larger cockpit, and a slim, streamlined version with sweeping wings, both of which were designated as G1-M4-C models. The second model was created by removing the co-pilot's seat and installing an astromech slot. The slimmer profile and shorter, narrower wings allowed improved visibility and access for the astromech droid. This model was also known as the Type II Dunelizard.

Multiple views of a Dunelizard.


First produced by MandalMotors in the years following the Clone Wars, the Dunelizard was offered to the Imperial Navy, who rejected the design. However, the Empire allowed the starfighter to be sold to third parties, as it was seen as an insignificant risk to Imperial forces. As a result, it became popular with pirates and smugglers.[2]


Another variation of the Dunelizard


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