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The G125 projectile launcher was a weapon used by First Order jet troopers in combat around 35 ABY.[1]


Designed by the Sonn-Blas Corporation, the G125 was capable of firing a standard laser bolt from its central barrel or more powerful explosive rounds from the three outside barrels. Although it was a small weapon, it had significant stopping power and was effective against Resistance forces on Pasaana.[3]


The G125 projectile launcher sported three barrels.

The G125 projectile launcher was designed by the Sonn-Blas Corporation and issued to First Order jet troopers around 35 ABY. It was deployed by two First Order jet troopers on Pasaana when Resistance operative Poe Dameron hotwired two local skimmers to escape First Order patrols on the planet. The G125's explosive rounds proved powerful enough to destroy the skimmers, although the two jet troopers were eventually shot down and killed, allowing Dameron and the rest of the Resistance forces to escape.[1]

Behind the scenes[]

The G125 projectile launcher first appeared in the Rise of Skywalker DLC on the game Star Wars Battlefront II as a playable weapon, shortly before Star Wars: Episode IX The Rise of Skywalker's release.[2]


The First Order jet trooper utilized the projectile launcher


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