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"Hello! How are you? I'm, uh, G2-9T, fifth-degree labor droid. See, my job is to fix the pilots and navigators for Star Tours. It's a really neat job."

G2-9T was a G2 repair droid. It was once owned by a Troig diplomat on Tatooine before working for the Star Tours travel agency. Before the Battle of Yavin, G2-9T was employed by Star Tours as a droid security agent, scanning luggage for banned paraphernalia. However, G2-9T sometimes fell asleep on the job to "recharge batteries," resulting in some contraband being allowed onto the flight. He also once let a satellite receiver onboard a flight, despite it being a contraband object, because it was "so cute." He also ended up destroying a passenger's camera within their luggage, having mistaken it for an alien weapon especially after it activated inside the luggage. He also expressed a desire to travel the universe, but he was outfitted with a restraining bolt, preventing him from doing so for reasons implied to be related to his job. He apparently knew about the Rebel base on Yavin 4, briefly mentioning it at one point before stopping himself.

He was later reprogrammed to act as a repair droid again. Because of his possessing remnant programming of his original owner, he also sometimes mistook a Star Tours patron for a Troig. After Star Tours was closed, the droid found work with Talon Karrde in 19 ABY. Though the droid claimed to be a fifth degree labor droid, it was actually a second-degree repair droid.

G2-9T was plugged in to the radio station FM Droid, which played Top 40 droid music.[1] The droid was very fond of the song "I Wanna Weld Your Hand", from the band Danny and the Droids.

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"You look awfully familiar. Wasn't I in your service? A long time ago, in a galaxy far, far away? Oh, I guess not; you only have one head."

Hasbro released G2-9T as an exclusive Star Tours action figure. The actual model designed for the ride was built from a goose from the "America Sings" show, which had been removed two days prior to the show's official closure. The Goose was stripped of its 'Skin' and its head was replaced. G2-9T did, however, sometimes sing the song "I've Been Working on the Same Droid, all the livelong day"/"I've Been Looking at the Same Bag, all the livelong day", a remix of one of the goose animatronic songs, "I've Been Working on the Railroad." In both versions of the Star Tours attraction, G2-9T was voiced by Disney Imagineer Tom Fitzgerald.

"Hey, do you know how I got this job? I Apprenticed! Oh, yeah, you have to."

At one point in Star Tours: The Adventures Continue, after G2-9T somehow starts causing alarms to go off and gets a call from his supervisor, G2-9T at one point says "Uh, everything's perfectly all right now, w-we're fine. We're all fine here now, thank you. Uh, how are you?", a paraphrase of what Han Solo said when trying to maintain cover after killing most of the security detail for the Detention Block AA-23 in A New Hope. He also says, "Boring conversation, anyway" shortly after cutting his supervisor off mid-sentence regarding the alarms, another phrase Solo said in the same film, after blasting the console. On another occasion, he suggests to some guests, relating to a trip to Kashyyyk for a Holochess tournament, to "let the Wookiee win," referring to a line from C-3PO in A New Hope. He checked a baggage with Madame Leota from The Haunted Mansion inside and reminds the guest, that "There's always my way.", referring to a line from the Ghost Host. Sometimes, G2-9T will sing "Star Tours! Nothing but Star Tours!", referring to a Saturday Night Live sketch where Bill Murray portrayed a lounge singer who sang a lyrical version of the Star Wars main theme.

He temporarily disappeared from the Disneyland Paris version of Star Tours on March 18, 2013, for repair work.[2]



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