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"Excuse me, please, but you'll have to check that excess baggage. Huh? Oh, I'm terribly sorry. I didn't realize that was your husband. Heh, heh, heh, heh, heh, heh."

The G2 repair droid, nicknamed the "goose droid," was a model of maintenance droid manufactured by the SoroSuub Corporation that could be modified to perform a variety of functions. Introduced in the decade following the Clone Wars, G2 droids boasted acute intellects that made them wonderful conversationalists but also caused them to be flighty and unreliable. While this made G2 droids unpopular with larger corporations, it nevertheless endeared them to some customers, who allowed their droids to accumulate life experience over time.

When SoroSuub discontinued the G2 model in the year 12 ABY, fan outcry led the corporation to reintroduce the droid to great fanfare two years later. A pair of chatty goose droids, G2-4T and G2-9T, worked for the Star Tours travel agency before finding employment in the organization of smuggler Talon Karrde, while another team of G2 droids notoriously set up their own community on an asteroid in the Chrellis system. Other G2 droid owners included the holostar Javul Charn as well as the supervisor droid EV-6T6, who ripped out her G2's vocabulator to silence its incessant blathering.


"I had a G2 working for me a while back. It constantly talked about things unrelated to its job, and my circuits nearly fried just hearing it carry on. I had to rip out its vocabulator to finally shut it up."

Intended to assist with shipboard repairs,[1] the second-degree G2 repair droid was short in stature, standing 0.8 meters in height,[2] a little shorter than standard R2-series astromech droids.[3] It was also squat, with a wide, bottom-heavy stance that forced it to waddle when it walked. These traits, combined with its long, multi-jointed neck[2] and widely spaced,[1] weight-distributing feet, earned it the nickname "goose droid." Each G2 unit had a stripped-down, silver-and-brass-colored skeletal frame with exposed joints and wiring, with a colored trim. The droid's three-digit heavy manipulators could grasp most repair tools, while splayed feet aided in stabilizing its low center of gravity[2] and gave the G2 extra stability when dealing with large, heavy equipment.[3]

A4-G2, a G2 repair droid, works on an astromech droid.

The G2's most recognizable feature was its binocular head, which contained a vocabulator[2] capable of communicating in both Basic and Binary languages;[3] two auditory sensors; and a pair[2] of blue[4] or white[1] photoreceptors[2] whose improved sensor packages included darkvision,[3] telescopic, microscopic, and multi-spectrum capabilities. Each G2 droid bore a unique identification number stenciled onto the side of its head[2] in Aurebesh[1] or High Galactic, as well as a tool kit and a diagnostics package.[3]

Despite being equipped with basic processors,[3] G2s units' intellects were so acute that they made wonderful conversationalists. However, this same quality led to a flightiness that made them unreliable in their primary jobs and led them to gravitate toward excessive chattiness,[2] though they were still capable repair droids.[3] This feature appeared to be hardwired into their behavioral circuitry matrices and could not be eliminated with memory wipes.[2] Over time, the droids also developed a unique sense of humor, trading witticisms and bad jokes with anyone who bothered to listen.[1]


"Hello! How are you? I'm, uh, G2-9T, fifth-degree labor droid. See, my job is to fix the pilots and navigators for Star Tours. It's a really neat job."

In addition to functioning as maintenance droids, G2 repair droids could be modified to perform different roles. A G2 could be modified into a reliable copilot by installing a tool appendage tip with a scomp link, as well as reprogramming it for piloting rather than mechanics. The G2 could also be used to locate and defuse explosives by upgrading the droid with hardened systems, adding five kilograms of internal storage to its chassis, and attaching two tool appendages—one tipped with a laser cutter and the other an electroshock probe.[3]

Finally, G2s could be modified to function as scavengers by removing their legs and installing a repulsorlift unit in their place, as well as attaching a set of electrobinoculars and a glow rod to improve the droid's visual capability. A removable storage bin or cart on a repulsorlift could be affixed to the droid's back so it could tow the scraps and equipment it found back to its master. As an alternative, a shell could be created and permanently attached to the droid, allowing it to carry up to twenty-five kilograms of material instead of lugging around a separate unit. This option better protected the droid's haul, reducing the chance that it would lose anything it found.[3]


"We are experiencing unusual behavior from the G2 droids in Sector 2. Maintenance units, begin surveillance of all Sector 2 G2 droids."
―Star Tours public address system[4]

Fan-favorite droids[]

G2-7T, a G2 repair droid

―Droid Security Systems advertisement[7]

A custom Sullustan design,[1] the G2 repair droid was introduced by SoroSuub Corporation[2] in the decade following the Clone Wars[6] and was available licensed from 5,210[3] to 6,000 credits.[1] Some customers, mostly family-owned businesses or pilots of independent starships, found their droids' chatty behavior endearing and allowed them to accumulate life experience over time,[2] with many G2 units finding themselves utilized as pilots and tour guides for civilian charter vessels instead of as repair droids. Many owners even relieved their G2s of jobs and kept them around as companions.[1] About a year before the Battle of Yavin,[5] Sacul Industries Group division Droid Security Systems advertised the G2 repair droid in the Star Tours terminal of Spaceport THX1138.[7]

Eventually, a number of G2s achieved an advanced degree of independent thought, resulting in a sudden explosion of wanderlust. In one notorious instance, a team of G2 droids stole a fueling freighter and set up their own community on an asteroid in the Chrellis system.[2] Yet the series' downfall lay with larger corporations considering G2 droids to be a waste of money due to their tendency to talk rather than work.[1] These corporations generally had no time for a G2's foolishness and returned the units to the manufacturer, shrinking the line's market base.[2] Complaints and a high number of returns from large corporations that bought the droids in bulk forced SoroSuub to retire the series[3] in 12 ABY. However, faced with a surprising outcry from fans of the G2,[2] along with near-constant requests from small business owners and other individuals,[3] SoroSuub reintroduced the line to much fanfare just two years later.[2]

Unreliable workers[]

"That's the last G2 I'm ever going to buy."
―Talon Karrde, in reference to G2-9T[8]

As a member of the Galactic Tourist Bureau, the Star Tours travel agency was provided with G2 droids[5] by Droid Security Systems,[7] including a tall, spindly G2 unit designated G2-3B,[9] G2-4T,[4] and G2-5T.[7] They were kept on task by BDM spydroids.[10] Despite serving as the foreman of Star Tours' droid labor pool, G2-4T was given other tasks outside his intended programming, such as handling ticketing, travel visas, and security checks. His sarcastic personality and rude comments to passing customers often got him into trouble with his supervisors.[5] Another G2 unit, designated G2-9T, was purchased second-hand in a "pay-by-the-kilogram" fire sale and was the former property of a Troig diplomat.[2]

G2-9T was a G2 unit who worked for Star Tours.

Although he was much friendlier to waiting passengers than G2-4T, G2-9T's eagerness to engage them in conversation[5] and his infuriatingly short attention span[2] often distracted him from his work screening luggage. G2-9T was later returned to the repair work he was programmed for, but his spotty work record continued,[5] which angered the company's organic operators.[2] When accidents and mismanagement finally drove Star Tours out of business several months after the Battle of Endor, G2-4T and G2-9T drifted between masters before finding employment in the organization of smuggler and New Republic ally Talon Karrde.[5]

A G2 repair droid was used aboard the Nova's Heart, the private SoroSuub PLY-3500 yacht of holostar Javul Charn.[11] Another once worked for the EV-series supervisor droid EV-6T6, who was so irritated by the G2's incessant blathering that she resorted to ripping out its vocabulator to finally shut it up. She went on to speculate that a G2's unending stream of conversation was responsible for recent problems at the Sluis Van Shipyards, from where several vessels had departed in the previous few weeks, only to experience difficulty with one or more primary systems just after leaving the system. Due to increased pirate activity in that area of space, EV-6T6 considered that the G2s might have been working for them, though she had her doubts, believing that they would have already blurted out that information. Other G2 units included A4-G2[3] and G2-7T.[1]

Behind the scenes[]

"The Goose Droids – We were moving pretty fast on Star Tours, and a lot of the things were created as we went along. Wanting droids for our Droid Room, and wanting them quickly, Imagineer Chris Tietz came up with the idea of raiding America Sings one night and grabbing two droids for our show! They got an extreme make-over and became some of the new characters invented for this show. The G2 name came about because of the fact that they were geese from America Sings…hence the 'G'."
Tom Fitzgerald[12]

Disney Imagineering used modified animatronic geese from Disneyland's America Sings attraction to create the original G2 "goose droids" for Star Tours.

The G2 repair droid was created for the 1987 Disney simulator ride theme park attraction Star Tours, where it was featured in the ride's queue at each of its locations, which included all of Disney's resorts, excluding Hong Kong Disneyland and Shanghai Disney Resort.[4] G2-4T and G2-9T, the two original Star Tours G2 droids, were modified Audio-Animatronic geese taken from Disney's now-defunct America Sings attraction[13]—an idea conceived by Chris Tietz of Walt Disney Imagineering.[14] The droids were stripped of their artificial skin and feathers to help create their droid appearance.[13]

The G2 droids originally appeared as controller and worker droids in a 1986 Star Tours promotional film that aired on The ABC Sunday Night Movie.[15] As a nod to their design roots, the droids were originally designated "G-2 goosedroids" by the Disney Imagineering project team, a name first revealed in the May 1987 article "Star Wars: The Disneyland Journey, Part One," written by Imagineers Bruce Gordon, David Mumford, and Tietz for issue 118 of the science-fiction magazine Starlog.[10] The New Essential Guide to Droids, a 2006 reference book written by Daniel Wallace, first coined the official designation "G2 repair droid."[2]


Despite G2-9T identifying himself as a fifth-degree labor droid in the Star Tours queue,[4] The New Essential Guide to Droids later classified the G2 repair droid as a second-degree repair droid. Its also established that the G2 repair droid was introduced in the decade following the Clone Wars,[2] though the Droid Programming mini-game in the Star Wars: Clone Wars Adventures video game later claimed that it was already in use during that conflict.[16] In both cases, this article assumes The New Essential Guide to Droids to be the correct source.


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