GAT-12 Skipray blastboat

The GAT Blastboat series was produced by Sienar Fleet Systems, and was the standard gunship in use by the Galactic Empire for patrol and point combat missions. Blastboats were fast and agile enough to intercept most intruders, and were armed and armored enough to deliver an offensive punch and withstand weapons fire. Blastboats operated both in space and atmosphere. The GAT Blastboat was the smallest Imperial Navy starship to be equipped with hyperdrive, and were deployed throughout a sector where combat was expected.[1]

Multiple variants of the GAT Blastboat were produced, including specialized configurations for ground support or missile platforms. The most popular variant was the GAT-12h "Skipray".[1]

The 12h was also successful in the open market, and refined GAT-12 models were released over the years, being the GAT-12i and GAT-12j the most prominent.[2]

The series later included the Skipray 24r Blastboat.


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