The GE3-series protocol droid was a bipedal protocol droid manufactured by Czerka Corporation. Vaguely resembling later models from Cybot Galactica, GE3s were one of the most common and best-selling droids in the galaxy during both the Jedi Civil War and Dark Wars.[1]


They could be programmed for multiple functions, including waiter, bartender, tour guide, receptionist, secretary, errand-runner, diplomatic aide, medical droid, or even swoop pilot. Their programming was specifically designed for social tasks, with an emphasis on Human-cyborg relations and a massive database of languages, cultures, and customs of thousands of species. They were equipped with vocabulators with versatile translator units.[1]

Demand for the droids was high, and they were a common sight on nearly every planet in the Galactic Republic. Czerka also sold GE3-series droids in bulk at a significant discount to planetary governments.[1] While searching the Jedi Enclave's sublevel, the Jedi Exile found a note about a series of Czerka-produced droids left by the Enclave's head technician, Dergar Chester.

There were numerous models, physically identical, but differing in internal details and skills. Each GE3 had a full designation which included the suffix "GE3" at the end, for example, S-0D3-GE3.

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