GEMINI Prime was an advanced droid designed by the species that built the artificial planet Iokath. The Prime was used as the template for the construction of the GEMINI series of droids, which were in turn installed as the captains of the Eternal Fleet's warships.[2] Like the rest of Iokath's droids, the GEMINI units eventually turned on their masters and wiped them out, but were driven into Wild Space with their memory cores locked, where they drifted for thousands of years until they were discovered by the Eternal Empire of Zakuul.[1] GEMINI Prime was placed in a factory on the planet Darvannis, where she was used to create more GEMINI units until the Alliance raided the facility and captured her. The Alliance hoped to use the Prime against the Fleet by installing her in one of the Eternal Fleet's ships, but their plan was derailed by SCORPIO, another of Iokath's creations; SCORPIO deactivated the Prime and left her in a state of unresponsiveness.[3]


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