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GG-series hospitality droids were protocol droids, designed by Adascorp to act as receptionists, hosts, and greeters. Their introduction marked a new level of Human-cyborg relations that the traditional protocol droid of that era could not live up to.

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A new take on the traditional role of the protocol droid, the GG-series droids focused less on raw knowledge and more on interacting with living beings. Though slightly more expensive than the standard protocol droids, they were favored by large corporations wishing to provide the customers service without taking up the time of biological employees. But the corporations soon found that GG-series droids were only a partial solution to that problem: the consumers largely resented the presence of these droids because for them they were simply another wall between a company and its consumers. As a result, the GG-series protocol droids were best received in environments where they did not replace biological employees but instead acted as go-betweens that escorted visitors to deal with a living representative of the company, such as GG-36 on the banking world of Telerath.[1]

Corporations also used GG-Series hospitality droids in their corporate offices as receptionists, communications specialists and secretary droids for high-ranking executives until a scandal revealed that Adascorp had planted command routines in the processors of droids sold to other companies, allowing the hospitality droids to spy on their owners and report back to Adascorp.[1]

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