GV/3-series guardian droids were droids that resembled canines. They were made by Cybot Galactica to act as security.


Guardians were built for agility and strength. Their powerful legs could easily outrun a burglar, and they had enough stamina to, after a long chase, pin the intruder to the floor. They had visual and olfactory sensor recorders, and, in order to make them more like domesticated animals, possessed a limited vocabulator capable of producing growling and barking sounds. The Guardian recharged during the day via solar panels.

GV3 Guardian Droid

A GV/3 Guardian droid

The GV/3 also served as a loyal pet. As of the Yuuzhan Vong War, families constituted the largest segment of Guardian buyers, due to the droid being featured prominently in the popular children's holographic entertainment series Revella's Journey: A Story of a Girl and Her Droid. Its razor-sharp teeth and claw were fully retractable to prevent injuring infants. To make sure its command antenna was not ripped off by a curious youngling, it was retractable as well.

Guardians were heavily armored to withstand stun bolts, but could easily be destroyed by blasters. It was also strong enough to carry most humans and humanoids. GV/3s were programmed to be absolutely loyal to their masters and family members, always ready to sacrifice themselves for the object or person they were designed to protect.

Of course, security and companionship were not the only services a Guardian could contribute to galactic society. A Search-and-Rescue squad on Corellia once saved a group of spelunkers from the infamous Keen's Grotto catacombs using GV/3s. Since then, Cybot Galactica started producing special Guardians with weather-proof plating, enhanced detection sensors, an emergency transponder, a spotlight and weather-proof rescue equipment in its hull to function as rescue dogs.


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