The GX1-series battle droid was created by Trang Robotics, after the success of their Duelist Elite droid. Trang Robotics then offered to create a battle droid based on their financiers' feedback and needs, resulting in the GX1. The droid was fairly large, hulking over an average-sized Human. With four arms - two strong and bulky and two smaller ones capable of fine manipulation - and a large blaster rifle incorporated into its head, the GX1 was well designed for versatile combat. They could speak both Basic and Binary. They possessed sophisticated tactical routines, which allowed them to reevaluate a combat situation, unlike battle droids like the B1 battle droid. If faced with a flaw in their original tactics, they would regroup and launch a new plan of attack.

It was rumored that the GX1's were designed to be used for the private armies of the original investors, and that after their creation, and subsequent scrutiny by security forces and Jedi, the investors sought to erase any evidence of their involvement with the project. These financiers supposedly hired slicers to erase data in Trang Robotics computers, and assassins to eliminate those in the company who had knowledge of their complicity.

In 31 BBY, Gar-Oth, a Yahk-Tosh Lord, used a small army of GX1's to conquer Princess Lourdes' homeworld. Though the droids were able to overcome the local defenses and subdue the populace, Yoshi Raph-Elan, a Jedi Knight who had crash-landed on the planet, was able to stop Gar-Oth's plans, defeating several GX1's along the way.



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