The GX12 Hovervan was produced by the Corporate Sector Authority as a personnel carrier for Espos.

Characteristics[edit | edit source]

This heavily armed and armored hovervan was designed for open combat and used when Espo forces faced off against a legitimate threat. A turret-mounted Atgar twin blaster cannon able to hit targets 1,500 meters distant and forward grenade mortar with a range of 300 meters provided covering fire as Espo troops quickly disembarked out of side folding hatches. Front and rear-mounted rotating spotlights and nosepiece infrared sensor allowed for effective targeting during low-visibility conditions.[1]

The hovervan's passenger compartment had room for 16 troops along with a medic and 2-1B surgical droid. Both pilot and gunners sat in the forward cabin, which featured a retractable transparisteel canopy. There was no room to accommodate prisoners however, requiring a JX40 Jailspeeder to accompany the hovervan.[1]

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