The GY-I information analysis droid was created by Cybot Galactica to be an efficient and hardworking "Intelligence Analysis Unit". The droid performed admirably in this role, able to process up to 500,000 packets of information per second. Originally intended for use by government and educational centers, both the Rebel Alliance and the Empire used these powerful droids for data analysis, tactical planning, logistics and sorting through espionage reports.

The GY-I was very adaptable, and Cybot Galactica created several add-ons to increase the usefulness of this unit. For example, the company created a module which would allow GY-Is to calculate and hold up to thirty hyperspace coordinates. Another modification turned the droid into a "financial wizard" capable of using complicated mathematics to manage large amounts of capital. This modification was potentially illegal and not sanctified by Cybot Galactica, however, as it required the owner to replace the GY's heuristic processor with that of a battle droid so that it could ignore life-preservation programming in the interest of financial gain. Zorba the Hutt owned a GY-I "financial wizard" that came close to becoming the first droid lieutenant of a Hutt crime family.

The GY-I series would also find themselves working for the Imperial Department of Research at the Science Academy on Raithal.



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