"It was incredible to be in the cockpit. It was everything I had imagined a Rebel fighter cockpit would be like; as soon as I was there, I knew I was going into battle and firing ion torpedoes. Even though the shot was only of my head, the full costume was quite intricate. I didn't dare drink too much water as it takes quite a bit of fiddling to get in and out of..."
―Gabby Wong[src]

Gabby Wong is a Hong Kong[1] actress who portrayed Wona Goban in Rogue One: A Star Wars Story. As the character was only later identified as Wona Goban in Star Wars: Rogue One: The Ultimate Visual Guide, the film's end credits list Wong as portraying Gold Nine.

According to Wong, she got a call from her agent to go in for a meeting with the casting director. Her audition was recorded on camera and sent off to director Gareth Edwards. While she auditioned, fellow Rogue One actor Angus Wright was also there for his meeting. Impressed with his work in the stage plays Orestia and 1984, the actress introduced herself and complimented him on his acting skills. Not long after that, she was given the good news that she had been cast as a Rebel pilot, and was booked for a day of costume and helmet fitting, and a two days shoot. While shooting her scenes, fellow Rogue One actor Richard Glover was also there and they "spent a great day together". Wong recorded dialogue as well, but because of the final sequencing of the battle, the lines she had recorded didn't quite fit and she was asked to come back during post-production for ADR. In the end, however, her voice was not used and the character ended up dubbed by Vanessa Marshall.[1]

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