"Your job is to direct your men...not dirty your hands with their toil."
―Gage to Janek Sunber[src]

Captain Gage was an officer in the Imperial military.


Gage came from a wealthy background, and his family connections put him on the fast track to command. Despite his high rank, Gage was a poor officer, preferring to let his background advance him through the ranks of the army. He was lazy and refused to get his hands dirty, and even in times of crisis, he was more concerned with getting a promotion than the well being of his unit.

The Imperial defense of Maridun was threatened several times by Gage's poor tactical skills. In one such instance he ordered his unit to retreat rather than covering a forward unit's retreat, forcing the unit to have to cover its own rear. Despite this, he was praised by Commander Frickett for his handling of Lieutenant Janek Sunber's hard work and association with troops of lower rank. During the final melee with the Amanin warriors, Gage abandoned his greatly outnumbered comrades, and he survived the battle only through cowardice.

On return to civilization, a jealous Gage refused to confirm his rival, Janek Sunber's promotion to the rank of commander, forcing Sunber to be demoted back to the rank of lieutenant, despite his key role in the Battle of Maridun.

Behind the scenesEdit

Gage's first and only appearance came in Randy Stradley's three part Star Wars: Empire: To the Last Man.



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