The Gahenna was a modified Confederacy of Independent Systems core ship, which had been outfitted as a science vessel.


Four months into the Clone Wars, the Gahenna was loaded with a score of equipment from a secret Separatist laboratory on Queyta; the facility where Jenna Zan Arbor's swamp gas had been developed. For nearly two years, the Gahenna cruised the Outer Rim, developing a new strain of toxin — the defoliant Trihexalophine1138. Information about the weapon was stored aboard the Gahenna's Scientific Instrument Package, or SIP.

In 20 BBY, the Gahenna was dispatched to Naboo, where it was to test the new defoliant weapon. The Republic learned of the plan, however, and the Gahenna was brought down over Honoghr. The Gahenna was destroyed, and its deadly cargo unleashed on the unsuspecting world.



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