"Darkon: All is ready for the Cell to move on Rothe Gathe. The weapons facility is central to our long-term goals. With Nirama removed, the system will be much easier to control. Gal"
―Forged datalog supposedly written by Gal O'Wei[src]

Gal O'Wei was a female Sullustan who was working as security specialist in the weapon storage asteroid of Rothe Gate, in the Cularin system asteroid belt.

In 32 BBY, this person was loyal to crime lord Nirama, while a faction of Nirama's criminal Organization known as The Cell was trying to oust him. The Cell decided to forge some proofs relating this person to themselves; this would force Nirama to replace a reliable employee.

The Cell's plot also included other loyal employees in Rothe Gate, including Cyria Dombasle, Maarten Haal and Plu Markeela. They began the operation in a moment when all the four of them were outside Rothe Gate. The scheme failed, Nirama defeated the Cell leaders and he never doubted of his employees' integrity.

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