Galactic Alliance Troopers

GA Commando; second from the left.

The Galactic Alliance Core Fleet Commandos were dedicated special forces units serving with the Galactic Alliance Core Fleet. They were utilized in the capture of the Imperious from the shipyards over Dac in 137 ABY.

The Galactic Alliance Remnant made use of teams of commandos for two types of missions. The first was infiltration of Galactic Empire emplacements while the second was the elimination of members of the One Sith in order to show their comrades that normal soldiers were capable of besting the powerful Sith Lords. There were two classes of GAC teams present within the Alliance. The first were ad hoc teams were formed when necessary and disbanded after the mission was completed. The second were dedicated units such as the Womp Rats that were long lasting military teams dispatched for special missions.

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