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The Fifth Fleet of the Galactic Alliance Defense Fleet was a fleet under the command of Bothan Admiral Nek Bwua'tu. It was initially tasked with patrolling the Hydian Way. It was formed out of the New Republic Fifth Battle Group.

In 36 ABY, the Fifth fleet was dispatched to the Utegetu Nebula to initiate a blockade in the hopes of containing the massing Killik fleet of nest ships.

In 40 ABY, under the command of Admiral Cheb, it served in the Blockade of Corellia.

The fleet was devastated at the Battle of Kashyyyk. The fleet was surrounded by the superior Confederation fleet, and sustained heavy damage. Admiral Atoko wanted to surrender and scuttle the ships, rather than risk the capture of his ships and the deaths of his crews, but the Fifth Fleet was able to fight its way to safety. Following its fighting retreat from Kashyyyk, the Fifth Fleet returned to Coruscant. After the Second Battle of Roche, the remains of the Fifth Fleet were sent to bombard Mandalore.

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By 40 ABY, the Fifth Fleet was one of the most active units in the Galactic Alliance Defense Force. It comprised numerous different types of warships, ranging from Mon Calamari Star Cruisers to heavy frigates to Star Destroyers of various classes, including the venerable Victory-class Star Destroyers.



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