"Well, when intelligence operatives do their jobs correctly, they never become famous. Because no one ever learns they've been there. And sometimes that's what solving the problem means."
―Mara Jade Skywalker[src]

The Galactic Alliance Intelligence Service (GAIS), also known as GA Intelligence or the Intelligence Service, was the main intelligence organization of the Galactic Federation of Free Alliances. Formed from its predecessor under the New Republic, the New Republic Intelligence Service, the Intelligence Service served to protect the Galactic Alliance from threats and provided it with information and analysis on various organizations, persons, and situations.


"I run, at a distance, the largest intelligence operation to be found on Coruscant. It ought to be good for something."
―Natasi Daala[src]

The Galactic Alliance Intelligence Service was the leading agency of the intelligence community for the Galactic Federation of Free Alliances. It provided the Galactic Alliance government with information regarding various situations and the organizations and persons who may pose a threat to the Galactic Alliance. The operations of Intelligence Service were supervised by the Galactic Alliance Senate's Security and Intelligence Council.[1] The Intelligence Service was lead by the Director of Galactic Alliance Intelligence who reported to the Chief of State.[1] The Director of Intelligence later also served as Head of Galactic Alliance Security.[3]

GA Intelligence officers were trained in various areas including interrogation, analysis, and observation and had the power of arrest. In this they served a dual role of intelligence and security officers for the Galactic Alliance. Though separate from the Galactic Alliance Defense Force, the Intelligence Service utilized military ranks including Captain and Lieutenant.[7]

The Intelligence Service worked closely with other security services, specifically its military intelligence counterpart: Galactic Alliance Fleet Intelligence.[7]



"The intelligence community was routed when Coruscant fell, just like the Senate. All we have in its place is a lot of fine effort, but nothing coordinated. There are at least six chains of command out there, all feeding through to different people by different means. They don't talk to each other; I'd be surprised if there aren't still more that won't talk to me."
―Cal Omas after the formation of the Galactic Alliance[src]

Belindi Kalenda, long-time Director of Intelligence

The Galactic Alliance Intelligence Service was formed in 28 ABY in the aftermath of the disintegration of the New Republic during the Yuuzhan Vong War and its reorganization into the Galactic Alliance. The Intelligence Service continued the operations of its predecessor, the New Republic Intelligence Service (NRI), under the leadership of the then Director of New Republic Intelligence, Dif Scaur. The service's beginnings were mired by the use of a controversial experimental chemical weapon called Alpha Red. A chemical toxin developed by a secret unit (of the same name as the toxin) of the NRI, Alpha Red was designed to attack the biology of all living things associated with the Yuuzhan Vong.[2]

In 29 ABY, by order of Chief of State Cal Omas, the Intelligence Service released the toxin on the Vong-captured planet Caluula with GAIS agent Wraw monitoring its effects. The toxin was successful in killing the Vong, however despite the assurances of Director Scaur and the Alpha Red scientists, the toxin also proved fatal to the natural biology of the planet. The incident almost proved fatal to the galaxy as a whole and the project was permanently stopped.[2]

The Intelligence Service continued to give information and analysis on the movements of the Vong and on the situation on the planet Coruscant which had been captured by the Vong in two years prior. The information assisted the Galactic Alliance forces and their allies in eventually attacking and recapturing Coruscant, forcing the Vong to surrender and ending the war. Shortly after the battle, Chief of State Omas forced Scaur into early retirement and Belindi Kalenda replaced him as Director of GA Intelligence.[2]

In 36 ABY, before the onset of the Swarm War, the worlds of the Galactic Alliance were besieged by pirates that were smuggling an addictive strain of Black Membrosia. Several of these pirates were later captured and the Intelligence Service determined that the Killik Colony in the Utegetu Nebula served as a haven for the pirates. Princess Leia Organa Solo later brought these findings to UnuThul but he denied her accusations.[8]

Renewed conflicts[]

"Yes, and let's hear you taking that fine moral stance when someone gets assassinated and we might have stopped it."
―Heol Girdun arguing with Lon Shevu over using harsh interrogation techniques[src]

In 40 ABY, conflict arose between the Galactic Alliance and the Five Worlds, spearheaded by Corellia. One of the central points of the conflict was Corellia's refusal to pay the taxes and provide the troops required for the Galactic Alliance Defense Force and instead preferring their own planetary military. The Galactic Alliance was able to discover that Corellia was building a secret fleet, above the maximum amount allowed planets of the Galactic Alliance. Additionally, Corellia, under the leadership of Thrackan Sal-Solo began work to make Centerpoint Station operational, something the Galactic Alliance government felt it could not allow. As military action loomed, the Intelligence Service was ordered to place persons whose loyalty was in question under confinement. Captain Elsen Barthis and Lieutenant Titch were sent to take Wedge Antilles from Corellia and hold him on Coruscant. However, a couple days into his confinement, Antilles was able to outwit Lieutenant Titch and escape his holding room.[4]

As the Blockade of Corellia and skirmishing neared full scale war, terrorist attacks on Coruscant escalated tensions between Coruscanti and the Corellians living on Coruscant. The terrorism was primarily investigated by the Anti-Terrorism Unit of the Coruscant Security Force (CSF) instead of the Intelligence Service. However without eliminating all pro-Corellians on Coruscant, the Galactic Alliance government saw no way to completely end the threat. Wanting a way to deal with the threats while not compromising public opinion, the Galactic Alliance government saw a need to fill the void between the civilian police and the military. And so Chief of State Cal Omas, together with Senator G'vli G'Sil of the Galactic Alliance Senate Security and Intelligence Council, formed the Galactic Alliance Guard under the leadership of Jacen Solo, who was given the rank of Colonel.[7]

The majority of the earliest members of the GAG were soldiers from the 967 Commando unit of the Galactic Alliance Special Forces and police officers of the CSF's Anti-Terrorism Unit, including Solo's second-in-command, Captain Lon Shevu. However, some members of the Intelligence Service were also transferred to the GAG, notably Captain Heol Girdun. Additionally the GAG was given access to the Intelligence Service databases. As a secret police, they performed raids and counter-intelligence operations against pro-Corellians and interned and later deported them. Conflict arose between GAG members who were from the CSF and those who were from the Intelligence Service with the intelligence agents conducting more brutal and hands on interrogations than the former cops.[7]

Civil war[]

"This wasn't our doing. The Intelligence Service definitely had no hand in assassinating Sal-Solo. That man had so many political enemies that Corellian Security will be interviewing suspects until Mustafar turns into a ski resort."
―G'vil G'Sil[src]

As the conflict between the Galactic Alliance and Corellia devolved into the Second Galactic Civil War, the Intelligence Service conducted operations alongside Fleet Intelligence and the GAG to develop information on Corellia and her allies,[9] who later formed the Confederation.[10] The Intelligence Service also had to deal with rumors that they had assassinated Thrackan Sal-Solo[7] as well as several Bothans who were members of the True Victory Party, though neither accusations were true.[9]

An intelligence officer (center-right)

During the opening stages of open war, Belindi Kalenda briefed Admiral Cha Niathal and Jacen Solo on a meeting that the Corellian separatists, instigated by the Bothan faction, was holding to elect a new supreme commander. Niathal, recognizing the value of disrupting such a meeting and killing or capturing the attendees, instructed Kalenda to devote as many assets as needed to gathering intelligence on the meeting. These efforts would lead to the Battle of Gilatter VIII.[10]

As the war continued, Jacen Solo, who had turned to the Dark side of the Force and become Darth Caedus, decided to stage a coup together with Admiral Niathal against Cal Omas. To that end, the GAG took over protection of Omas from the CSF. However, Omas attempted to forge a peace with the Confederation leader, Dur Gejjen by meeting him in secret. Omas opted to take two Intelligence Service agents with him instead of his GAG protection. Omas felt that these agents would be loyal to him, and that he could trust them. After the arrest of Cal Omas, the intelligence service lost influence as they had been seen as the ones supporting Omas's regime.

Later, Director Kalenda reported to Cha Niathal, now the temporary co-Chief of State, that scientist and intelligence operative Doctor Toval Seyah had been pulled off Centerpoint after being suspected as a spy by the Corellians. This move caused Caedus to view Kalenda as an idiot and Seyah as a traitor and he ordered the spy arrested.[11]

Political changes[]

"What do you know about Borath Maddeus?"
"The head of Galactic Alliance Security, including Intelligence, for the last three years. He replaced Belindi Kalenda when she was swept off by the same purge."
―Garrik Loran and Voort saBinring[src]

Towards the end of the war in 41 ABY, the Intelligence Service was placed under the control of the Galactic Alliance Guard. Captain Heol Girdun replaced Kalenda as Director of Intelligence.[12] However, Caedus was soon killed and the war ended. With his death, the GAG was disbanded and the Intelligence Service was once again placed under Belindi Kalenda. However, Kalenda would not remain in the post for long. With the war over, Natasi Daala was elected as Chief of State. She began a campaign against all those who had not opposed Caedus' reign. Kalenda fell victim to the spur of firings. In her place, Daala placed General Borath Maddeus as Director of Intelligence. It was also then that a new security force, Galactic Alliance Security was formed. This new security force separated the intelligence and law enforcement functions that the Intelligence Service had been performing. However, the Director of Intelligence also served as the head of Galactic Alliance Security and so Maddeus remained in charge of both agencies.[3]

In 44 ABY, Maddeus entered into the Lecersen Conspiracy with a supportive, and extremely secret, role. When the conspiracy fell apart, he was scared that his fellow conspirators that were captured would reveal his involvement. Maddeus tried to silence all the remaining conspirators. He also asked long-time intelligence operative Garik Loran to unofficially re-establish Wraith Squadron and investigate and bring down General Stavin Thaal, who was also a member of the conspiracy. Unfortunately for Maddeus, Wraith Squadron also figured out Maddeus' plans and unveiled and arrested. In the aftermath, Loran was appointed by Chief of Stat Wynn Dorvan as Head of Galactic Alliance Security and Director of Intelligence. One of Loran's first actions was to officially establish Wraith Squardon as a part of the Intelligence Service.[3]

The Intelligence Service would continue to provide information throughout the Sith–Imperial War. With the surrender of the Galactic Alliance to the Fel Empire in 130 ABY, the majority of the Galactic Alliance government was absorbed by the new Empire. However, some Intelligence agents remained with the Galactic Alliance Core Fleet and became Covert Agents for the Galactic Alliance Remnant during the Second Imperial Civil War.[6]



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