"The drum corps has begun, I believe it's a percussion arrangement of 'Tialga Hath Fallen,' a traditional Alderaanian air about a warrior-queen who makes a stand against impossible odds so her children can reach safe haven. Yes, that's it indeed, and you can hear the polyphonic tones of the sequential bells substituting for Alderaanian flutes in this arrangement."
―Javis Tyrr, narrating Cha Niathal's funeral[src]

The Galactic Alliance Navy Drum Corps was a drum corps for the Galactic Alliance Navy. The Drum Corps took part in Admiral Cha Niathal's funeral in 43.5 ABY, their large barges following right behind Niathal's casket. As the procession passed under Medway Avenue's pedwalk, the drum corps began playing a percussion arrangement of the Alderaanian air 'Tialga Hath Fallen.' The Alderaanian flutes were replaced with sequential bells for the arrangement. The funeral was narrated by journalist Javis Tyrr, who identified the air played by the Drum Corps.


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