"Stand back, stand back! GA Security has jurisdiction here!"
―A GA Security trooper[3]

Galactic Alliance Security, also referred to as GA Security or simply GAS, was a police and paramilitary force of the Galactic Federation of Free Alliances. Operating primarily on the planet Coruscant, the GAS was formed in the aftermath of the Second Galactic Civil War. With the dismantling of the Galactic Alliance Guard, the GA government formed Galactic Alliance Security to serve as its law enforcement arm, separate from the Galactic Alliance Defense Force. The Head of Galactic Alliance Security served as both the commander of GAS and as the Director of Galactic Alliance Intelligence. The move ensured that information would move smoothly between the organizations but not in effect recreate the secret police that the Galactic Alliance Guard had been. The everyday GAS operations were based out of a blockhouse in the government district of Galactic City. GA security operated detention centers and provided security for the Armand Isard Correctional Facility.

Security troopers wore blue armor and helmets, although in some instances they were given black riot armor. Galactic Alliance Security was also known to work with bounty hunters, including members of Chief of State Natasi Daala's special-missions force Dhidal Nyz, Vrannin Vaxx, Hrym Mawarr, and Zilaash Kuh. In 43.5 ABY, when several Jedi Knights began to fall prey to a strange psychosis, several Galactic Alliance Security troopers were used by the government to assist in dealings with the Jedi Order.


"GA Security has legal jurisdiction, those others have profit motive, and all we have is the fact that we're right."
―Luke Skywalker, after Valin Horn's capture[3]

GA Security was led by the Head of Galactic Alliance Security. When it was formed after the Second Galactic Civil War, the Head of GA Security also served as the Director of Galactic Alliance Intelligence. Other high ranks included that of Superintendent and Colonel. Beneath them were Captains, Lieutenants, and Sergeants.

Galactic Alliance Security forces also worked with bounty hunters and mercenaries, occasionally operating alongside the members of Natasi Daala's special-missions force. They employed the services of such hunters as the lightsaber-carrying Zilaash Kuh and the Quarren inventor Dhidal Nyz. Security forces also worked with the cyborg mercenary Vrannin Vaxx, the Rodian bounty hunter Kaddit, and Skakoan bouonty hunter and politician Hrym Mawarr.[3]


A new crisis[]

Galactic Alliance Security became a major security force for the Galactic Federation of Free Alliances on Coruscant around the time following the Second Galactic Civil War. In 43.5 ABY, a Security force under the command of Captain Savar was sent to arrest Jedi Grand Master Luke Skywalker on charges of dereliction of duty for failing to prevent Jedi Knight-turned-Sith Lord Darth Caedus' fall to the dark side of the Force during the war. The force also included three bounty hunters who were members of Chief of State Natasi Daala's special-missions force—Zilaash Kuh, Dhidal Nyz, and Hrym Mawarr. During the arrest, one of the troopers, Bessen, inadvertently opened fire on Skywalker, but the situation was brought back under control. Skywalker was taken to a Galactic Alliance Security blockhouse, although he was released soon after.[3]

Security forces, again led by Savar and including bounty hunters Kuh and another member of Daala's force, Kaddit, were later sent to capture Jedi Knight Valin Horn, who had gone on a destructive rampage through the galactic capital of Coruscant after a psychotic breakdown. Horn was captured by Skywalker, however, and Security forces attempted to force Skywalker to hand the fugitive over. Eventually a compromise was reached, and Horn was placed in the Mon Mothma Memorial Medical Center. However, after Skywalker's trial and subsequent exile, Horn was moved to the Jedi Temple.[3]

Security troopers were later issued a warrant for the arrest of Horn, and Captain Oric Harfard led several troopers, accompanied by Zilaash Kuh and the mercenary Vrannin Vaxx, to the Temple to arrest Horn. The Jedi Knight was then put on trial, encased in carbonite, and placed in the Armand Isard Correctional Facility, a Galactic Alliance prison.[3]

Jedi interventions[]

Security forces were later present during rogue Jedi Seff Hellin's attempt to free Horn from the Armand Isard Correctional Facility. Once again they employed the use of bounty hunters Kuh and Nyz, however, they were unable to capture Hellin, as he was caught by Darkmeld—a secret organization founded by Jedi Knight Jaina Solo to counter Daala's anti-Jedi policies. Galactic Alliance Security troops led by Harfard arrived at the Jedi Temple the next day to arrest Hellin, however, as Solo had kept the Darkmeld organization a secret from the Masters, acting Grand Master Kenth Hamner truthfully told Harfard that he didn't know where Hellin was.[3]

Soon after, Horn's sister, Jysella Horn, developed the same psychosis as her brother. She fled from the Temple and fought with Jedi Knights Bazel Warv and Yaqeel Saav'etu before being captured by Security forces. The two Horn children were transferred to a covert Galactic Alliance Security blockhouse under the command of Colonel Wruq Retk.[4]

Before long, Warv and Saav'etu also developed the psychosis. They were captured by Solo, Imperial Remnant Head of State Jagged Fel, and Solo's parents, Han Solo and Leia Organa Solo, outside of the Jedi Temple's speeder entrance. Galactic Alliance Security Captain Atar soon arrived with a warrant for Warv and Saav'etu's arrests, however, the two Jedi had already been secured inside the Temple, and Han and Leia Solo returned to the Temple and shut the entrance behind them to buy time. Fel used his diplomatic immunity to leave the scene with Jaina Solo in his limousine. Atar was frustrated with his failure to capture the psychotic Jedi, however, and ordered that Fel and Solo be prevented to leave. A Security team under the command of a Duros officer blocked the limo's path in their assault speeder, but Fel convinced Atar to let them leave.[5]

Jedi propaganda[]

The Jedi Order soon formulated a plan to reveal the darker side of Galactic Alliance Security and gain the sympathy of the public. They tricked Head Judge of the Court of Jedi Affairs Arabelle Lorteli into granting them a document giving them visitation rights to the Horn siblings. Jaina Solo arrived at the secret Galactic Alliance Security blockhouse, where two Security troopers attempted to prevent her entrance. One of them, Sergeant Weeze, raised an alarm, alerting several nearby Security forces to the danger. Soon, however, several Jedi Masters arrived, along with the Horns' mother, Mirax Terrik Horn, and a large contingent of press. The Security forces arrived with Atar at their helm, but as he was shown the Jedi's document, he was forced to allow them access to the Horns. He ordered a Bothan Security Lieutenant, Rasher Ke'e, to prevent the press from accessing the Horns, but the Jedi neglected Ke'e's instructions and ensured that the press followed them.[5]

The Jedi and press found that the Horns were being held at the executive level of the building, where they were being treated as office decorations. Colonel Wruq Retk, commander of the facility, arrived and attempted to provoke the Jedi in front of the press, but Terrik Horn, furious at Retk's treatment of her children, assaulted him, knocking him out. The present Security forces began calling for her arrest, but at the prompting of Jaina Solo, journalist Javis Tyrr presented a question to one of the Security officers, Captain Xanda, which made their claims sound ridiculous. Chief of State Natasi Daala quickly arrived and announced that charges would not be pressed. The Jedi took the mission to be a success; they had shown the public the corruption of Daala's courts, as well as the apparent cruelty with which Galactic Alliance Security treated the Horns.[5]

The Jedi Order soon after succeeded in smuggling several psychotic Knights off-world.[5] However, as more Jedi fell prey to the psychosis, Daala continued to order that they be turned over to the government. When the Jedi Order refused her, she turned to the Mandalorians rather than continuing to use Galactic Alliance Security forces, issuing first a raid[6] and later a siege of the Jedi Temple by the Mandalorians.[7] During the siege, the Jedi called for a public meeting with Daala to turn over their psychotic Knights. Daala agreed, and brought with her Doctor Thalleus Tharn and a Galactic Alliance Security contingent led by Captain Oric Harfard. The meeting was a Jedi ploy, however—they had recently discovered that their Knights were healed from the psychosis, and thus sought to force Daala to end the siege. When Han Solo, acting as spokesperson for the Jedi, announced that the two formerly psychotic Jedi were leaving the Temple, Harfard protested heavily, as he feared the Jedi were attempting to harm the Chief of State. Daala ignored him, however, allowing the two Knights—Turi Altamik and Sothais Saar—to approach and be examined by Doctor Tharn. Tharn pronounced them cured, and Daala ordered Captain Harfard to lift the siege.[8]


In the shadows of Coruscant political spheres, a conspiracy was planning to remove Natasi Daala as Chief of State of the Galactic Alliance as part of their plans for a new Galactic Empire. The recent slave uprisings added to the growing dissent in public opinion had led to a great deal of paranoia from Daala who begun trusting her closest allies less and less. Even the GAS was under suspicion.

The conspirators decided to use that when they also realized that a member of the GAS at the Senate Building, Lieutenant Javon Thewles, was being acosted by an undercover Jedi Knight, Seha Dorvald. They faked a poisoning of three of their fellow conspirators, Moff Drikl Lecersen, General Merratt Jaxton and Senator Fost Bramsin, as well as the Senate water supply. Dorvald's identity was leaked to the Galactic Alliance and she was arrested. Thewles's link to Dorvald led to his arrest on the charge of conspiracy to murder but he was soon released due to lack of evidence. The damage had been done however as Daala no longer trusted the GAS and she relieved them of the charge of Senate protection. Fleet Intelligence, whom Daala trusted more due to her own experience in the navy, were charged with Senate security.

However, Fleet Intelligence were under the control of Admiral Sallinor Parova, a member of the conspiracy. As they moved to depose Daala, the Jedi launched a coup of their own which ended in them storming the Snetae Building and having Daala arrested. A transitional government was formed: a Triumvirate between acting Grand Master Saba Sebatyne, Senator Haydnat Treen and General Jaxton.


After the dissolution of the Triumvirate when Luke Skywalker decided to remove the Jedi Order from Coruscant, the Senate elected an interim Chief of State. Although Senator Padnel Ovin was originally elected, members of the Lost Tribe of Sith had infiltrated Coruscant so as to take over the government and prepare for their plans for galactic domination. Due to the actions of High Lord Ivaar Workan, who was working undercover as Senator Kameron Suldar, the Jedi were discredited as having committed abuses of power during their tenure in the government. A Senate subcommittee, led by Workan, was formed to investigate said actions and the GAS arrested the only Jedi remaining on Coruscant, Leia Organa Solo. The Jedi retaliated by attacking the Sith who had infiltrated the GA government and the GAS, including a superintendent. Though the Jedi were victorious in killing most Sith, Coruscant was badly damaged including the Galactic Justice Center.[2]

In the aftermath of the arrest of the GAS head, Borath Maddeus, for his actions in the Imperial-Alliance conspiracy, Garik Loran was named as head of the GAS and Galactic Alliance Intelligence.[1]


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