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Galactic Alliance Storage was a front company for Galactic Alliance Security. It was used to hide the identity of secret, Galactic Alliance detention centers on Coruscant. Its employees tended to wear black paramilitary uniforms with similar ranks such as Sergeant whilst the corporation named embroidered in an arcing yellow over one pocket with a name patch sewn above the other. A Galactic Alliance Security assault team was present at the facility in order to defend it from any intruders.

Following the Second Galactic Civil War, Chief of State Natasi Daala began using the corporation as a cover to serve as secret prison facilities that were used to hold any being that was charged for crimes against the Galactic Alliance. This was part of her plans to create a psychological deterrent to anyone that intended to challenge her rule of the galaxy. Jedi Knight Jaina Solo along with her allies went to the facility in order to find the captured Valin Horn and Jysella Horn. Despite challenging Sergeant Weeze over the discovery, he kept claiming that they were civilians as well as stated that they only stored cargo and not prisoners. However, reporters arrived on the scene and forced Captain Atar to allow Solo along with her fellow Jedi to see the Horn family members that were encased in carbonite.


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