The Galactic Corporate Policy League (GCPL) was a public interest group of the Old Republic that sought to overthrow government restrictions on slavery, mining, free trade, and the like. Its members, composed of a secret cabal of plutocrats, supported Senator Palpatine and were rewarded by being made controlling members of the newly-formed Corporate Sector Authority when he became Emperor.

Behind the scenesEdit

The sourcebook that detailed the league stated that it supported Palpatine's bid for "Presidency;" petitioned him to limit government economic controls; and were made "founding" members of the CSA. All of these seem to be in conflict with later information from the Prequel era; Palpatine's election to Supreme Chancellor was too sudden to include outside campaigning; it has been stated that the Galactic Empire nationalized major industries (and the type of laissez-faire policy the League seems to have supported would likely have seen them join the Separatists). Additionally, sources refer to the CSA as early as 26-27 BBY, at least eight years before it was formed from the GCPL.


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