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"There could be no greater honor than having your painting selected by the Emperor himself and representing the height of artistic perfection, courtesy of the Empire"
―Unknown Imperial Officer[src]

The Galactic Empire Painting Contest was an art contest that occurred twice in 1 ABY.


Emperor Palpatine made an unexpected announcement on the Galactic News Network, stating that he was calling upon all Imperial artists to create an Imperial painting that will usurp all masterpieces from ages past. An Imperial insider revealed that this was the Emperor's first step in taking over the creative arts industry. His plan was to rid the galaxy of all the works associated with those who he considered to be degenerates.

The first painting selected under this contest was titled, United in Our Cause. Later, another contest was enacted, where the painting Imperial Oasis Incident was selected.

The Rebel Alliance responded to the announcement, by stating that they would hold their own painting contest.

Behind the scenesEdit

The Galactic Empire Painting Contest was featured in the MMORPG Star Wars Galaxies, as part of its "Create a Painting Contest." The winner was United in Our Cause by Zel of the Bloodfin server, with the runner up being Victorious Reign and the third place winner being Empire. Victorious Reign's real life runner up status was presumably due to complaints about it resembling Nazi-related propaganda including the symbol of the SS and the Stormtrooper using what resembled a Hitler salute.


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