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This article is about the Triumvirate formed after the conclusion of the Second Imperial Civil War. You may be looking for the Galactic Alliance Triumvirate that existed prior to the war.

"Emperor Fel would be heartened to know that his sacrifice was not made in vain. His selfless actions have unified the galaxy to form the Galactic Federation Triumvirate… which will be headed by Admiral Gar Stazi, Jedi Master K'Kruhk, and His Imperial Highness's daughter, Empress Marasiah Fel."
Hogrum Chalk, announcing the formation of the Galactic Federation Triumvirate[5]

The Galactic Federation Triumvirate was the dominant galactic triumvirate comprised of the Galactic Alliance Remnant, Fel Empire and the New Jedi Order formed at the conclusion of the Second Imperial Civil War.


"I think the more troubling revelation here is that the Sith are systematically infiltrating governments across the galaxy. Who knows how many are out there."
―Master K'Kruhk discussing the galaxy after the defeat of the One Sith[6]

Following eight years of galactic rule by the One Sith, the combined military might of the Galactic Alliance Remnant, the Empire-in-exile, and the New Jedi Order defeated the Dark Lord of the Sith Darth Krayt and his Galactic Empire. The Galactic Triumvirate was set up after the war to merge the various factions into one, cohesive government.[5] The new government immediately set about restoring stability to the galaxy. Reconstruction efforts began on the planet Coruscant which had suffered damage during the battle to seize it from the Sith. The Imperial Mission, abused by Darth Krayt, was disbanded. However, efforts to improve the galaxy's infrastructure were continued beginning with a communications array that would link the Outer Rim Territories with the Core Worlds. Though not an especially costly project, it did cause political tensions.[1]

Government and politics[]

A meeting of the Triumvirate

"We're investing in window dressing, not solid statecraft. Your communications array is a perfect example."
"You may be a gifted battlefield tactician, Stazi but you are naive when it comes to governing an empire."
"Empire is it? I don't remember binding the Jedi to any empire. We serve the new Triumvirate, don't forget that, Empress."
"You know what I mean. We can't hold the galaxy together through brute strength, nor should we try."
―Admiral Stazi, Empress Fel, and Master K'Kruhk discuss policies[1]

The Galactic Federation Triumvirate was formed to represent the various factions of the Empire, the Galactic Alliance, and the Jedi High Council. Empress Marasiah Fel represented the Empire, Admiral Gar Stazi the Galactic Alliance, and Jedi Master K'Kruhk the Jedi Council. The three did not agree on all issues, with Stazi and K'Kruhk agreeing more often with each other than with Fel.[1]


"Personally, I'd rather put my trust in a strong fleet than perceived strength and promises."
―Admiral Stazi in reference to Empress Fel's diplomatic efforts[1]

The Imperial Knights, led by Antares Draco, served as public faces of the Galactic Triumvirate. However, the war had stretched military resources, and many of the new Knights were inexperienced.[4] The combined military forces of the Galactic Alliance Remnant and the Fel Empire formed the fleet and army portions of the Triumvirate military, along with the New Jedi Order, though it had suffered heavily under the rule of the One Sith.

Behind the scenes[]

The Galactic Federation Triumvirate was introduced in the closing pages of the final issue of the comic series Star Wars: Legacy—War. The followup series, Star Wars: Legacy Volume 2 has used the Triumvirate considerably. Many details of its organization and setup are still yet to be revealed, such as whether or not the Galactic Alliance and Empire still exist separately or whether they have been unified. Due to the continuity reboot of the Star Wars canon, reorganizing the Expanded Universe into the cancelled Star Wars Legends, it is unlikely these questions will be answered in the near future.


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