"Most of you probably came here with the idea you're going to show how tough you are, how much punishment you can endure, how fast you can light a tazrin flit. But the facts are as followed: you will be pushed beyond what your species is designed to endure; you will be taught not only how to survive in a given environment but how to thrive in that environment; you will learn not only where and how to find food and shelter in hostile conditions but how to combat an enemy in those lands. You will be taught to best a Mon Cal in the seas though you are a Silika; you will best the Wookiees when you encounter them in trees; you will learn the intricacies of zero-g survival so that even an Imperial spacetrooper will fear you. You will learn skills for every environment, every condition. You will learn the true meaning of survival. Many of those with whom you sit you will not see for weeks, if ever again. Some of you will perish. Very few of you will complete the entire course, but you will know that you have become the best you can be."
―Master Barosa Warren's speech, given to all new recruits[src]
GOSS members

GOSS members (from left to right) Myo the Abyssin, Stren Grier, Barosa Warren, Lunkar An the Rellarin, and Sgt. Clenna

The Galactic Outdoor Survival School, commonly abbreviated as GOSS, was an institution operating during the Galactic Civil War to teach survival skills.

The GOSS was founded by Barosa Warren on the planet OM813—otherwise known as Thrantin—and served as a training camp for students from all over the galaxy. It ensured students learned survival skills in environments that would pose a challenge to their species' particular physiology; for example, a Mon Calamari student would learn how to survive in arid areas such as deserts. Graduates described the school as a combination of educational facility and survivalist camp, with a crude mentality, but an excellent result. GOSS was noted for training some of the most proficient survivalists of any military institution—although it was an unofficial organization, not backed by the Empire or the Rebel Alliance.


Barosa Warren had always wanted to create a survivalist school. Being still young (in his 110s), but already a galaxy-known authority in hostile terrain survival, Warren decided to retire and create his academy.[1]

Casti Tholon

Casti Tholon

He required the financial help of many friends (losing their friendship in the process), but he finally managed to buy a planet OM813, (later renamed Thrantin) around 59 BBY. During the four decades after that, he spent many people's money planetforming his world to create a training camp for his school. He created a Zero-G environment, an Ammonia Ocean, and the Heavy Grav Mountainous Zones. He would have liked to take his students to different worlds, so that they could train in real, natural environments; however, he also admitted the advantages of a controlled environment to avoid any "cheating" student.[1]

Warren also obtained dozens of ships to be used during the instruction, including at least seven modified Mu-class shuttles and his own flagship, the Cannibal.[1]

After four decades of preparation, around 19 BBY, the Galactic Outdoor Survival School (or GOSS) opened, with Warren as its chancellor, dean, and master instructor.[1]

During the following years, the school became prestigious galaxywide. Many of its alumni had become scouts for the Empire, the Rebellion or private interests; a few of them had became instructors at the GOSS.[1]

Around 17 BBY, the Summit Class became the greatest class ever in the GOSS, managing to get the record in the final trek used as an exam. Warren respected the results and the performance of the Summits. Seven years later, the Twilight Class broke the Summits record by more than one day. Warren took the mine survivalist of the Twilights, Larq Thur, and offered him a job as instructor at GOSS; however, Thur joined the Rebellion with his fellow Twilights.[1]

Former Summit student Lunkar An, who had since created his own survival academy, felt his ego shaken after that and re-joined GOSS as a student, trying to "redeem" himself.[1]

Although the GOSS was not affiliated with the Empire, Warren's dislike for the Rebel Alliance was well-known, and he held a personal grudge against those ex-alumni who joined the Rebel Alliance, such as the Twilight Class. The Alliance considered Warren's staff members as a threat due to their personal loyalty to Warren.[1]

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