Sebulba, champion of the Galactic Podracing Circuit.

The Galactic Podracing Circuit was a series of seven podracing courses across the planets of the Outer Rim. They were often considered to be harder and comprising of a longer distance than the courses found in the Semipro Podracing Circuit. The circuit began on Oovo IV and ended on Tatooine, while also revisiting tracks at Malastare, Ando Prime, Ord Ibanna, and twice on Baroonda. Sebulba was the reigning champion of the Galactic Podracing Circuit, and even had his own course named after him.

An alternative format of the Galactic Podracing Circuit would be made up of two other subcircuits: the Outer Rim Regionals and the Professional Podracing Circuit, each with three one-lap races. Both subcircuits featured a race on Tatooine, with the former also including Felucia and Utapau while the latter visited Bespin and Coruscant.

Courses[edit | edit source]

  1. Executioner
  2. Sebulba's Legacy
  3. Grabvine Gateway
  4. Andobi Mountain Run
  5. Dethro's Revenge
  6. Fire Mountain Rally
  7. Boonta Eve Classic

Behind the scenes[edit | edit source]

Completing races in the Galactic Circuit in Star Wars Episode I: Racer would unlock the playable characters Toy Dampner, Mawhonic, and Sebulba. Completing the last race of the circuit would play the game's credits, while finishing first in every race would unlock the third race in the Invitational Podracing Circuit.

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