"All the floors above us contain the main library. It's one of the most complete records of galactic knowledge anywhere."

The Galactic Research Academy was located on the planet Koaan. It was a place of learning and huge storehouse of information gathered from scholars and scientists across the galaxy. One of its functions was the processing of scouting information, for whenever a scouting team discovered a planet, they sent their data to the Academy. Ideally, it would be processed there in preparation for study or colonization, although there was always a backlog of information. Under the Empire, this process drastically slowed down as it was less concerned with scouting and exploration. As a consequence, huge amounts of data built up unprocessed. The Empire also placed a few stormtroopers and officers at the Academy to keep an eye on it.

The Academy was organized into different levels, with the main library above ground, while much of the unprocessed data was kept below ground. The Academy had a number of outdoor courtyards for its mostly Human employees.


"I've heard you've got billions of data bits of information on unregistered planets. We need one. Now."
Platt Okeefe[src]

Senior Anthropologist Mammon Hoole worked for the Galactic Research Academy, and was well recognized there. When he went separate ways with his droid, DV-9, the droid returned to Koaan to work in the processing facility. In 1 ABY, Hoole returned the Research Academy with his wards Tash and Zak Arranda. They joined up with DV-9 to steal the location of an unprocessed planet so that they could hide out there.

However, the facility was similarly infiltrated by Platt Okeefe and a group of smugglers who were being pursued by Imperials. Okeefe shot the Imperial clerk on duty, Deputy Strey, only to encounter Hoole and his team. Realizing they were both there for the same purpose, they both fled the planet in Okeefe's ship, the Last Chance.


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