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Ekirk: "I have a sound plan. Not too long ago, an overly ambitious demolitions expert contacted me, hoping to be added to our approved contractor list..."
Imperial admiral: "Overly ambitious?"
Ekirk: "Yes sir. He likes to blow things up."
Braedic Ekirk and an Imperial admiral[src]

Galactic Vacant Building Demolitions was a demolitions company.



An abandoned home being destroyed by aerial bombardment

They were on the list of Empire-approved contractors under the direct control of Darth Vader, and worked with the Hidden Daggers. Their method of demolition was simply to blast vacant buildings with a low-orbit bombardment of concussion missiles.

Colonel Braedic Ekirk chose them as his main contractor when he was put in charge of an operation in which vacant buildings all over the galaxy were to be destroyed in order to prevent them from falling into the hands of the Alliance.

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Galactic Vacant Building Demolitions is mentioned in Move It or Lose It, a small in-universe introduction to the House Pack-Up operation in Star Wars Galaxies.



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