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"Ah, Captain Katarn. What a pleasure it is to finally meet you face to face."
"The pleasure's all yours, I'm sure."
―Galak and Kyle — (audio) Listen (file info)[2]

Galak Fyyar was a male Human who was a skilled commander, and a dedicated scientist that served Lord Hethrir's Empire Reborn. He, alongside Desann were tasked with the creation of Shadowtroopers, Force-sensitive soldiers empowered with artusian crystals. He was later killed above Yavin 4.


"Within hours, Desann will have eradicated those annoying Jedi. Clearing the way for my ascent as the leader of the New Empire. I, Galak Fyyar the First, the genius who conceived of the Shadow Armor, will rule the galaxy with a cortosis fist! Worlds will tremble, stars will shudder—"
"Your shields will fall."
―Galak Fyyar and Kyle Katarn — (audio) Listen (file info)[2]

As an ambitious officer, Fyyar rose to the rank of Admiral and had aspirations of galactic conquest, but his dependence on technology and his overconfidence were the keys to his eventual downfall. He also held the title of "Chancellor", though its significance is unclear.

Before the Battle of Endor Fyarr worked at the Maw Installation, but just prior the battle left to work in secret facilities around the galaxy.[3] After the death of the Emperor, Fyyar fell in with former Procurator of Justice Hethrir and his Empire Reborn faction. Fyyar became one of Hethrir's top lieutenants. He worked closely with Desann, another of Hethrir's lieutenants, to develop methods of infusing non-Force-sensitives with the Force. The pair carried out their experiments on Kejim until the outpost was destroyed by Kyle Katarn. Desann and Fyyar managed to turn this to their advantage, tracking Katarn to the Valley of the Jedi.

There, the pair put their research to use. Artusian crystals focused the Valley's power into minimally Force-sensitive recruits, creating the dark Jedi order of Reborn.

Fyyar also created a cortosis-based armor, resistant to lightsabers. Fyyar himself had a special powered armor suit equipped with a rocket launcher, a shield generator, and a heavy repeater.

Lighter cortosis armor, equipped with a focusing Artusian crystal, was issued to the shadowtroopers, who served as the elite dark side troops of the Empire Reborn.

Fyyar in his cortosis battle armor.

With the success of their program, Desann and Fyyar initiated an assault on the Jedi Praxeum on Yavin 4. Fyyar's ship, Doomgiver, departed from his headquarters at the secret Cairn Installation and arrived over Yavin 4, where it deployed landing forces.

Unknown to Fyyar, Katarn had infiltrated his operations. The New Republic saboteur contacted Rogue Squadron, which attacked the Doomgiver upon its exit from hyperspace. Fyyar, in his battle suit, managed to surprise Katarn as he was in the process of destroying the ship's shield generator. Fyyar was too slow, however, and Katarn took out the generator with a lightsaber throw. Enraged, Fyyar attacked Katarn, but even his shielded cortosis armor proved no match for Katarn, who fought and struck the admiral down with his lightsaber. The suit malfunctioned and exploded, vaporizing Fyyar.

Behind the scenes[]

Galak Fyyar was voiced by Steven Jay Blum.

During combat, Galak's shield generator can be disabled by destroying his armor's antenna with weapon fire.

There are three ways to defeat Galak in his Cortosis armor, after the shield is brought down. The first one is to use force speed and your lightsaber combined to deliver extra fast strikes while his shield is recovering. Since force speed slows down the action and speeds you up, it will take a seemingly long time for his shield to regenerate, and you can deliver strikes much faster. The second way is to pummel him with force lightning. His armor seems to be highly vulnerable to that attack. This is also effective against his shield. The third way is to use saber throw on him. This will only work when the shield is down because if the player tries to hit the shield with saber throw, the saber will just go inside the shield, and the player will lose control of it on entry.

The rank plaque on Galak's uniform has a different layout than most others. Rather than consisting of two rows (the top row being four red bars and the bottom row being four blue bars), the plaque contains a single row of eight bars, alternating between red and blue bars every two bars. This might be a custom rank plaque.

According to The Essential Guide to Warfare, Galak Fyyar would have been a Rear Admiral.

In the Multiplayer mode of Star Wars: Jedi Knight: Jedi Academy his name is written as "Galak Fyarr" if he gets selected as a bot.



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