This article is about a Selkath. You may be looking for Galas, a city on planet Kallistas.

"Tell… tell Shasa… the Sith…"
―Galas' last words before dying[src]

Galas was a young Force-sensitive male Selkath who lived during the time of the Jedi Civil War. He, along with his friend Shasa and many other Selkath youth, was taken in by the Sith in an attempt to subvert the Manaan government. When he indicated his desire to leave the Sith Embassy, he was tortured to death by the Sith, who told Shasa and the others that he had returned to Ahto City. Revan found him in his dying moments and took from Galas a pin that one of his fellow apprentices had given him as a child. Revan then gave this pin to Shasa, who recognized it and realized that the Sith were responsible for Galas' death.

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