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A map showing both the galaxy and its satellite galaxies.

A galaxy was a massive collection of stars, star systems, planets, moons, asteroids, comets, nebulas, star clusters, black holes, and other celestial bodies residing within the universe.


One known galaxy was the galaxy home to the Galactic Republic[1] and the Galactic Empire,[2] also notable for containing the Wellspring of Life which gave birth to the midi-chlorians.[3] Some galaxies had smaller, companion galaxies that orbited them. The galaxy had at least two,[4] the Rishi Maze being one of them.[5]

According to Huyang, the space whales known as the purrgil were capable of traveling across different galaxies using intergalactic hyperspace lanes. These lanes were known to the Jedi Order, which preserved information about them inside the Jedi Archives.[6] Between galaxies sat the intergalactic void.[7] The so-called far galaxy contained the planet Peridea, which was regarded as a fairy tale by Jedi such as Baylan Skoll but as history by the Nightsister Morgan Elsbeth. Beings from this distant galaxy built a reflex point on the planet Seatos which was used to point the pathway to Peridea.[8]


Pathway to peridea

The pathway to Peridea

Taka Jamoreesa, when advertising themselves as a pilot, was said to be "wanted" in eighteen galaxies.[9]

In the hands of Darth Vader, the Mustafarian Bright Star artifact had the capability to crumble entire galaxies, where the Sith Lord would sacrifice their vitality in his insatiable hunger.[10]

During the Liberation of Lothal, a pod of purrgil took Grand Admiral Thrawn and the Jedi rebel Ezra Bridger to Peridea. Seven years later, during the time of the New Republic, Morgan Elsbeth commissioned the construction of a massive hyperspace ring known as the Eye of Sion in order to bring Thrawn back to the known galaxy.[8] Ahsoka Tano also discovered a star map at a former Nightsister stronghold on Arcana, which provided a map to Peridea's galaxy. Sabine Wren managed to unlock the map but it was stolen by Shin Hati, an agent of Elsbeth.[11]

Following a duel with Tano and Wren on Seatos, Baylan Skoll managed to unlock the star map and relay the coordinates for the pathway to Peridea to Elsbeth. Elsbeth's forces then departed on the Eye of Sion with the captive Wren to Peridea.[12] Using the pathway, Elsbeth's forces reached Peridea where they established contact with the Great Mothers and Thrawn's forces.[13] They then spent the next three cycles loading caskets from the catacombs beneath the Great Mothers' Fortress.[14]

Tano and Huyang subsequently traveled to the far galaxy with a purrgil pod and reunited with Wren and Bridger, who had become the leader of a Noti clan.[15] Following a skirmish with Tano, Wren and Bridger, Thrawn, the Great Mothers and his Star Destroyer Chimaera managed to escape Peridea and return to their home galaxy using the Eye of Sion. While Tano, Wren and Huyang were stranded on Peridea, Bridger managed to stow aboard the Chimaera and reunited with General Hera Syndulla.[14]


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