This article is about the RPG adventure game. You may be looking for the Star Wars: Galaxy's Edge theme park attraction or The Edge of the Galaxy, a location advertised by the Star Tours travel agency.

Galaxy's Edge is an adventure in The Kathol Outback, and is part of The DarkStryder Campaign. It is set in 8 ABY.

Plot summaryEdit

The FarStar arrives at the planet Danoor in search of a navigator to take them through the nearby Kathol Rift. The planet had already been visited by the Lance of Endor making massive and impossible demands in the name of the New Republic, and Captain Kaiya Adrimetrum had to convince the government of their good intentions. The government of Danoor insisted on a test; they had lost a probe droid in the system's asteroid belt and needed help in retrieving it.

Adrimetrum agreed, and took the FarStar to the site of the probe droid. During the recovery operations, they encountered a group of Tuhgri who were trying to salvage part of the droid to fix their own ship to get home. The two crews worked together to achieve their common goal before a massive quake destroyed the asteroid.

Returning to Danoor, they requested information regarding a navigator to take them into the Rift, and were pointed in the direction of Makezh. They also discovered that Minister Waric Nane was secretly allied with Sarne's forces, and Minister Mooren was part of the Danoor Resistance. He gave the FarStar crew a message to transmit into the Rift when they were ready to enter the anomoly, which he hoped would call the Aing-Tii to Danoor's aid.

Members of the FarStar crew ventured into the capital, Eror Zeen to find Makezh. At first, Makezh believed the crewmembers were there to kill him, he ran. The crew chased him across the rooftops of the city, and ran afoul of an assassin droid sent by Nane to kill them, as well as the bounty hunter Mist. Escaping into the sewers, the crew made it back to their shuttle and rendezvoused with the FarStar.

In orbit, the FarStar transmitted Nane's message into the Rift, then prepared to leave. Before they could, the Lance of Endor, accompanied by a Star Destroyer, exited hyperspace. During the battle, the FarStar's starfighters managed to destroy the Star Destroyer with the aid of the Aing-Tii, and the aliens destroyed the Lance of Endor. With Danoor relatively safe from Sarne, the FarStar headed into the Rift.


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