"For those who don't know, Galaxy of Fear was a series of young adult books by John Whitman that tied into the teen-horror genre popularized by such authors as R.L. Stine. And for something that seems like a product of its time I thought they were a lot of fun. But I'd be nervous if I were given the opportunity to write the sequel, since every single chapter of those books had to end with a cliffhanger. It was the law. A chapter would finish with 'Tash stepped off the spaceship and heard a blood-curdling scream!' Then you'd read the next chapter and it would say 'But apparently it was just a bird.'"
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Galaxy of Fear is a series of novels intended for young readers. The books cover a period of approximately 6 to 18 months ABY,[1] serving as a sequel to the events of Star Wars: Episode IV A New Hope. The series of twelve books was written by John Whitman, and was released from February 1997 through October 1998. The books ranged from 100 pages to 200 pages in large print.

The books tell the stories of three people and a droid: Tash Arranda, Zak Arranda, their Shi'ido uncle Mammon Hoole, and his droid DV-9. Tash and Zak are young survivors of the destruction of Alderaan, two Force-sensitive beings who are trying to hide from the Galactic Empire and reveal secrets along the way. They adventure all across the galaxy, running afoul of another Shi'ido scientist, Borborygmus Gog, and Darth Vader. Many other famous Star Wars characters make cameo appearances in the books.

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Galaxy of Fear series
Eaten Alive · City of the Dead · Planet Plague · The Nightmare Machine
Ghost of the Jedi · Army of Terror · The Brain Spiders · The Swarm
Spore · The Doomsday Ship · Clones · The Hunger

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