Galaxy of Fear: Eaten Alive is the first young reader's novel in the Galaxy of Fear series.

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D'vouran seems like a normal planet. The friendly locals welcome Tash, Zak, and their uncle Hoole with open arms.

But Tash has a bad feeling about this place.

There's a madman running around the streets shouting that people are disappearing. He's saying they've just vanished into thin air.

Tash knows that's impossible. But something is really wrong on D'vouran. Will she find the courage to trust her gut and stop the instincts…before it's too late?

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Tash and Zak Arranda are preteen siblings whose parents were killed when the Galactic Empire destroyed their home planet of Alderaan. With nowhere else to go, they began to travel with their Uncle Hoole, a mysterious shape-shifting Shi'ido who studies different species on many planets. They live with him on his starship, the Lightrunner, and learn from their new caretaker droid, DV-9. When they travel to the mysterious planet of D'vouran, they are pulled out of hyperspace, seemingly too soon, by the planet's gravity, and crash land at the spaceport. Though Tash feels bad things about the planet, the Enzeen, the alien race who live on the planet, are more than happy to help out with anything they need while on the planet. D'vouran has become a tourist destination and the Enzeen hope to bring more people to live on the planet. When Chood, the Enzeen who personally helps the family, brings them to an inn to find help in repairing the engine, they are attacked and the children taken captive by the forces of Smada the Hutt, who demands Hoole's service. With help from the Rebels who are also investigating the planet, Smada's forces release the children. Outside of the inn, they meet Kevreb Bebo, a disgraced pilot who tries to warn the people staying on planet that people are disappearing. When their Uncle Hoole leaves them with Chood while he is studying, Tash sees an alien creature standing over sleeping Zak. Waking him, they run to town to warn the others, only to find that no one is chasing them. After Hoole speaks to them, Tash stops worrying about the planet and who is chasing them.

The next day, Zak, while alone, is attacked by Smada's forces. Bebo is there also, and manages to evade all their laser shots at him. Hoole is eventually able to stop Smada, but Tash convinces him to let her speak with Bebo. He brings her, accompanied by DV-9, to a cave, where he shows her a laboratory which had long ago been abandoned. He shows her a seemingly bottomless pit, which she feels there is something wrong with, and he shows her his medallion, a device which apparently keeps him safe from the disappearances. Believing him, she tries to return to the town. He gives her his medallion, but, after she has gone, he is killed by one of Smada's guards. As she returns to town, she is attacked by the Enzeen, who have become parasitic monsters, but manages to escape when an earthquake shakes the ground. Back at town, however, everyone is missing, and she goes to Smada's fortress, thinking he has done something. There she finds Zak in captivity. With DV-9's help, they escape Smada's fortress, but are recaptured easily. However, now outside the fortress, Smada, his guards, and the children are attacked by the Enzeen and the planet, as holes begin to open up and take people into the planet. Smada, on his repulsor sled, and the children, protected by the medallion, are kept safe, but are brought by the Enzeen to the heart of the planet, the pit Bebo showed Tash. There it is revealed that the planet is alive and needs nourishment, and the Enzeen get their own nourishment from the planet while attracting more people to come. The medallion created a forcefield around the wearers that the planet couldn't absorb. When Hoole, who was disguised as an Enzeen, gets the medallion, he throws it into the pit, causing the planet to begin to erupt. Able to escape the pit, even as Smada falls in and is absorbed, they finally reach their ship. The ship, however, is unable to take off, as the planet has grabbed hold of it. Losing hope, the Millennium Falcon comes to their rescue and, with deft flying by Han Solo, is finally able to escape the planet, which collapses on itself behind them.

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