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"You are here to hone your skills as pilots. My job is to train you. Your job is to follow my commands. Is that clear?"
"Sir, yes, sir!"
―Galek, and a batch of cadets[src]

Galek was a human female who served as a lieutenant and flight instructor in the First Order during their war against the Resistance. During her service aboard Commander Pyre and Agent Tierny's Star Destroyer, Galek trained a batch of cadets, which included DT-533, DT-798, and Lin Gaava, among others.[3]

Galek was equipped with the standard First Order TIE Fighter Pilot uniform, albeit with a black military rank pauldron. Both her armor and her pauldron were decorated with red livery to denote her status.[3] Galek was killed by Venisa Doza during the blockade of Dantooine.[2]

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Lieutenant Galek first appeared in the Star Wars Resistance episode "Live Fire." She is voiced by Christine Dunford.[3] An earlier version of the episode's script had Galek's name as "Jimes."[4]

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