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Galena Rans was a female Mirialan who served as Supreme Chancellor of the Galactic Republic succeeding Jebevel Madon.


Before her political career, Galena Rans used to be a bomber wing commander[2] in the Republic Navy four-thirty-ninth bomber wing.[1] She would eventually marry Supreme Commander Rans and earned her status of veteran. This allowed her to keep close ties with the Republic Military.[4] Galena Rans was a fierce critic of Leontyne Saresh, and following her attempt to assassinate the Alliance Commander, Rans rose to power.[2] After Chancellor Jebevel Madon resigned, she became Supreme Chancellor of the Galactic Republic.[1] She counted with the support of Supreme Commander Jace Malcom, which strengthened the Republic's position across the galaxy.[4] Her military background as a bomber wing commander allowed her to gain support from Republic hardliners, and her desire to give the Senate more power earned her support from people that believed that Saresh was a dictator.[2]

Personality and traits[]

Following Galena Rans rise to chancellorship, she kept a charismatic attitude, a no-challenge-too-big confidence and the casual demeanor of a fighter pilot.[2]

Behind the scenes[]

Galena Rans was first mentioned in the Star Wars Legends continuity in BioWare's 2011 massively multiplayer online role-playing video game Star Wars: The Old Republic, specifically the[5] 2017[6] 5.6 A Traitor Among the Chiss update for the 2016 Knights of the Eternal Throne expansion.[5]

Rans first appearance was in the 2016 Star Wars: The Old Republic: Onslaught expansion. Rans only appears in the Republic plotline of the expansion.[1]

Gameplay alternatives[]

If the player aligns with the Sith Empire and kills Jace Malcom during the Iokath storyline, a news broadcast in the flashpoint "A Traitor Among the Chiss" states that Chancellor Madon resigned, and the Republic had an interim chancellor named Galena Rans.[5] Alternatively, if the player sided with the Republic during the Iokath storyline and into the Onslaught expansion, Galena Rans will still be Supreme Chancellor.[1]



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