Galey was a Human male support staffer in the New Republic Defense Fleet.


Galey had shaggy red hair and usually wore a puzzled expression. He was powerfully built, but had short legs which made him average in height. In 8 ABY, he served on the cafeteria staff on Mon Remonda. His duties included programming menus and providing refreshments for officer's meetings. He believed his job was important, but wasn't satisfied with his salary.

While Galey was on leave on Coruscant, agents of Warlord Zsinj offered him a substantial amount of money to assassinate several New Republic officers with the assistance of several sleeper agents programmed under Project Funeral. Galey agreed, and began to train himself on shuttle simulators so he could escape after carrying out his task.

Just before the Battle of Jussafet Four, Galey activated Tal'dira, a Twi'lek member of Rogue Squadron, and Nuro Tualin, a Twi'lek in Polearm Squadron. He then set out to kill Edda Gast. Galey killed the two officers guarding Gast, and then attacked Nawara Ven, the officer who was negotiating with Gast, by throwing hot caf in his face and punching him in the jaw. Galey fired his blaster at Doctor Gast, and then tried to escape.

Ven pursued Galey, shooting his ankle with a snap shot. Galey turned to fire back, and Ven was forced to kill him in self-defense.



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