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"Maze, I’m amazed his orders weren’t to kill the Jedi, given what happened to him at Galidraan."
Arligan Zey, to Maze and Ordo[src]

Galidraan was a planet of snow-capped mountains and large pine forests, and was controlled by a planetary governor, who resided in an opulent castle in the midst of a forest.


Galidraan was absorbed into Xim's Empire as he expanded his borders from the Kingdom of Cron circa 25,126 BBY. After the fall of the empire in 25,100 BBY, it would eventually join the Galactic Republic. After centuries of Republic rule, Galidraan was the site of a battle between the Jedi Order and the True Mandalorians. Jedi Master Dooku, Padawan Komari Vosa, and an entire task force of Jedi later discovered they had been tricked into slaughtering the True Mandalorians by the governor, who had falsified the atrocities they had committed. From this battle, only two Mandalorians, Jango Fett, and Silas, survived. Fett returned to the planet two years later to reclaim his armor. After the Declaration of a New Order, Galidraan was soon absorbed into the Galactic Empire.

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