Galin Azzameen was a Human male who was the oldest son of Tomaas Azzameen and joined the Rebellion during the Galactic Civil War.

Biography[edit | edit source]

Galin and Tomaas onboard the Otana

Galin Azzameen was the co-pilot of the YT-2000 Otana during its time under his father's ownership. Galin was delivering bacta to the Rebellion on Hoth when the Imperials began their attack on the planet. As the ship attempted to leave the planet in the midst of the Battle of Hoth, it collided with a TIE fighter, damaging the ship's coolant systems. Tomaas suggested going to the Twin Sun Station for repairs, however, Galin reminded Tomaas that Antan Azzameen was there. Galin suggested that Antan would not give repairs in order to stay out of entangling with the Rebellion. Tomaas insisted, but when they arrived, Galin was proven correct when Antan refused to provide repairs.

He also sent an E-mail to his youngest brother Ace, and no one else, suggesting him that the family should stay alert and keep an eye out for each other, maybe even fly in pairs.

He was also a crewmember of the GR-75 medium transport Vasudra when he was acquiring bacta from the Loose Cannon pirates and when the pirates double crossed them Galin and Tomaas managed to sort out what was going on when the pirates were driven away by the Azzameens. Galin was also there when they were delivering the bacta to a Rebel hospital platform. He perished, along with his father, aboard the Vasudra during an Imperial ambush on the hospital platform.

Personality and traits[edit | edit source]

Galin Azzameen was in some way correctly predictable. He believed that going to the Twin Sun Station would be a bad idea because of Antan being present and his beliefs were correct when Antan refused to give help.

He was also overly cautious due to the fact that when he had a bad feeling he only expressed it with his youngest brother to avoid causing unnecessary alarm.

He was also one who would believe that they have bad luck when they were at the rebel hospital.

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