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Galle was the nickname of a Clone Lieutenant who served in the the Grand Army of the Republic during the Clone Wars between the Galactic Republic and the Confederacy of Independent Systems. In 19 BBY, he was stationed on the planet Felucia where he served alongside Jedi General Aayla Secura. When Order 66 was issued by Supreme Chancellor Palpatine, Galle opened fire on Secura alongside the other clones present, killing her.


Galle was the nickname[3] of a clone of the human male bounty hunter Jango Fett created on the planet Kamino to fight for the Galactic Republic during the Clone Wars against the Confederacy of Independent Systems.[1] In 19 BBY,[4] during the Clone Wars he held the rank of lieutnenant[3] and served in the Grand Army of the Republic's 327th Star Corps under the command of Clone Commander CC-5052 "Bly" and Jedi General Aayla Secura.[2]

Along with the rest of the corps, Galle was deployed to the planet Felucia to battle the Separatist forces there. He and Bly were amongst a group of clone troopers who stood with Secura at the head of a column of Republic vehicles as they prepared to engage approaching Separatist forces when Supreme Chancellor Palpatine issued Order 66 to all clones, decreeing all members of the Jedi Order traitors to the Republic. Galle and the other troopers then opened fire on Secura, shooting her in the back and killing her.[2]

Personality and traits[]

Like all clones of Fett, Galle stood 1.83 meters tall.[1]


While on Felucia, Galle wore Phase II clone trooper armor with a pauldron and a kama, all of which were decorated in the yellow coloring of the 327th Star Corps. He was equipped with a DC-15A blaster carbine and two DC-17 hand blasters, which he carried in holsters on his utility belt.[2]

Behind the scenes[]

Galle first appeared in the 2005 prequel trilogy film, Star Wars: Episode III Revenge of the Sith.[2] In the new Star Wars canon, Galle was first identified on a card released through the Star Wars: Card Trader app.[3] The character originated in Star Wars Legends, where he was first created for Paul Ens and Tom Hodges' webstrip, Reversal of Fortune, which was published starting in 2004.[5] In the 2018 reference book Star Wars: The Complete Visual Dictionary, New Edition, an image of Galle is mistakenly labeled as being Clone Commander Bly.[6]


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