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At the beginning of the Battle of Jakku in 5 ABY, Counselor to the Empire Gallius Rax gave a speech to the forces of the Galactic Empire on Jakku prior to the showdown with the New Republic. He spent several months rehearsing his speech, which he regarded as an exercise in propaganda to assure the troops of their role in the climactic battle. Rax delivered the speech in front of a podium at the Imperial headquarters beneath a massive flickering holostatue projection of himself. He wanted to invoke the image of a god issuing divine commands to the faithful. Unknown to his own soldiers, Rax was planning to destroy Jakku along with the amassed Imperial and New Republic forces as part of the Contingency.[1]

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Source:  Aftermath: Empire's EndAttribution:  Gallius Rax

Loyal soldiers of the Galactic Empire, madness is at our door. Ruffians and barbarians of the Rebel Alliance have claimed for themselves a government of no legitimacy, a government given over to corrosion, chaos, and the corruption born of alien minds and radical terroristic teachings. It was our own Emperor Palpatine who showed us the weakness that presents itself when a Republic becomes sick with the disease of craven politics and the illness of elite oligarchs who force their agendas upon us.

With the death of our beloved Emperor, our own Empire was cast into disorder. It gave strength to the illegitimate, and emboldened them with a fraudulent claim of bringing peace and justice to the galaxy—and yet, for so long, who have been the champions of peace? The only war visited upon the galaxy has been the one brought by the criminal Rebel Alliance.

Scattered and lost, we could have perished. After attacking Chandrila and injuring the fraudulent politicians who seek to steal the sanctity of our galaxy, I brought us here to Jakku, unifying our people and our powers in this faraway world—a hard world that has tested our mettle and forged us and sharpened us into a stronger blade. A blade with which we will slit the throats of the traitors that crawl on their bellies toward our door. Soon they come! Soon they try to finish what they started. They want to end the Empire. They want to set up as a tumor on a healthy body, leeching the blood while growing fatter like a parasite. They deny our legitimacy. They lie about the stability and sanity we created for the galaxy. For those are their truest weapons: deception and delusion. We must not give in. We must not believe that they are right. We must see them as they are:

Brutes and barbarians! They are subhuman. They are alien to us in the truest sense of the word and are deserving of no mercy from us. This is our zero hour, and I call you now to do your duty by the light of the glorious Galactic Empire. The battle to come is not a fight for Jakku or even a fight for the Empire. It is a fight for all the galaxy. If we fail here, we fail everywhere. We fail our loved ones. We fail our children. We fail all who crave constancy and light in these dark times.

We pursue no other aim than freedom from oppression, liberty from lies, emancipation from depravity.

Today is the day we fight back and reclaim our galaxy.

Today is the day the New Republic dies at the Empire's hand.

Today we take our future!

The battle is upon us. Go! Go and drag them down to the ground and break their necks with your boots! Take their heads! End their tyranny!

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Gallius Rax's speech was included as part of Chuck Wendig's 2017 novel Aftermath: Empire's End, the third installment in Star Wars: The Aftermath Trilogy.[1]

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